Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mount at Navy - What to Expect?

Ok, I'm going to admit the headline to this article isn't fair. I really have no idea what to expect from the Mount when the travel to Alumni Gym on the campus of The United States Naval Academy tonight.

The Mount has been shorthanded all season. Playing with just six scholarship players for most of the early parts of the season but Kristijan Krajina did return at Minnesota. I keep hearing that Jacolby Wells shouldn't be out much longer. Maybe he returns tonight. Almost certain that Lamar Trice will still be serving his suspension tonight.

Still the Mount has played some very good halves this season, including one in each of the last three games. The strong first half was good enough to win at Hartford, but strong second halves couldn't undo the deficits that had been accumulated at Minnesota and versus Siena.

Still I'm going to head to Annapolis and fully expect the Mount to win. My basis for this is that most of the Mount difficulties from what I've seen have either been from pressure defense (which I think Navy will attempt) and from bigger and stronger players. Yet I think the Mount may have an advantage here.

So if the Mount continues to get better guard play from Josh Castellanos, Kelvin Parker and Julian Norfleet, I think the duo of Raven Barber and Danny Thompson can control the inside.

I expect it to be a relatively low scoring game that should go down to the end. But ultimately, and hey I'm a fan, I think the Mount can pull this one out on the road, 57-55.

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  1. I sure miss them days of taking the bus from the stadium to the game, a unique situation, lol. For some reson I have a feeling we will win too, but Navy almost beat unbeaten Tulane the other night. Have fun Raff, I am jealous as i will be all year.

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    64-56 Navy wins. Two equally matched teams will both be near the bottom of their leagues.

    Nice job by Holley, sloppy play by Castellanos, Norfleet non existent, Barber lost in space, Parker best shooter, Krajina coming along.

  3. Mount screwed up here and there, but the real reason for the loss is the damn refs!!!! I am really angry. Those refs were absolutely horrible!!!!!!! There is not much more that I hate than refs being a determiner of a game. I feel like pounding a hole in the wall, lol. I wonder did Burker tear into the refs or not? Also Burke needs to teach MSM how to handle a zone. You cant pack it inside or rely on an open 3. You either need to drive the lane or pass it in and back out real quick- and then you can get a 3. Burke needs to start being a better coach, please. I am upset cuz I thought we should have had this one.

  4. Barber likely smokes too much damn weed probably anyway- what a shame a waste of talent.. Barber could have easily been the best player but he decides to party instead. I dont know what has gotten into josh lately. Holley surprised me. Owens provided some energy again and a few baskets. Krajina looked decent-recipient of bad luck on a shot or too when they popped out. overall they needed to try to score more and be a little more agressive, but I guess you cant with refs like that. Parker was ok but missed a few he should have had

  5. Well, we gained a Holley and lost a Castellanos tonight. Holley goes N-S, Josh E-W and 5 turnovers in 15 minutes (again).

    We gained Parker and a little Owens, but where was Norfleet?

    I liked Krajina and Thompson has given good effort all season.

    Richard, I can't get Barber either.

    OK - Here's my starting five for SFNY:

    1 - Holley
    2 - Trice
    3 - Parker
    4 - Krajina
    5 - Thompson


  6. Harry, I doubt that Trice will play until after first semester. Anyway when he does come back he probably wont start exactly right away. SFNY will be one of the teams we will be fighting for the last playoff spot. I believe the 6, 7, 8 place spots will be between the Mount, SFNY, Sacred, FDU, and Bryant. Right now those teams would be rated in order as: 6- FDU, 7-Bryant and 8-Sacred. Poor old Mount almost an 8 though :). SFPA and Monmouth bring up the rear, and SFPA should fire Don Friday, while it wont be all that long before Monmouth is back in the mix. The top 5 is extremely close together, more so than ever I believe. Currently I'd say 1-RMU with a big frown and slew of expletives with that, 2-Wagner, 3- CCSU, and 4- LIU and 5-Quinnipiac. Those top 5 are some of the best of the eastern mid-majors in any conference. RMU is back to playing the 'Rice' way- playing dirty, fouling and very physical.