Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mount leads Hartford at Halftime

Well if that isn't a turn of fortune, I don't know what is. After scoring just 37 points for the whole game on Friday night, the Mount tallied 40 in the first half at Hartford on Wednesday and leads the Hawks 40-18 at halftime.

Danny Thompson leads the Mount with 14 at halftime while Josh Castellanos has chipped in with 11. Thompson has 7 rebounds, while Castellanos has three assists.

The Mount made 6-of-7 three pointers including 3-of-3 shooting from Castellanos.  Chad Holley, Kelvin Parker and Julian Norfleet also made trifectas.

The Mount still struggled with 12 first half turnovers, but the hot shooting has more than made up thus far.

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  1. Mount looked half decent at times in the first half. However in the 2nd half, they wqere downright atrocious!!!! Only scored 7 points the final 10 minutes. Mount should have had 75-80 points or at least close to it. That is not going to cut it against Siena. Granted Siena does not have the big white dork Ryan Rossiter anymore but still more talented than lowly Hartford. Enjoy the win while it lasted fans, because if the Mount plays as it did tonight, it wont happen. On a good note, it was good to see the inside play of Thompson. Castellanos took a nice leadership role tonight. Other than him dribbling too much all over the court, he is developing into a reliable point guard as I expect he will. Norfleet non existent mostly, inconsistency. Ok now Harry, where is this awesome scoring machine out of York, PA?

  2. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Positives: Aggressive starting half, continued awesome rebounding, Thompson, Castellanos three pointers.

    Negatives: Turnovers, sloppy play, no Norfleet, tentative Barber (most of the game).

    Anyone watching the tape will simply press the whole game against MSM, and unless the Mount does a lot of learning, they're toast.

  3. Richard I saw Parker take 2 shots and swish one three. I agree, the last 2/3 of the second half looked like a replay of the Marquette fiasco with the sloppy play and turnovers.

  4. I think MSM played a decent game minus- the turnover parade!! Norfleet needs to step up the scoring, Barber needs to be more consistent! We need Trice,Krajina and Wells back, if that happens MSM will be very good!! Nice game for Castellenos tonight he showed more leadership/scoring!! Any word on when Trice and Krajina are back and also Wells??