Thursday, February 02, 2012

Good win

A nice win at home for the Mount tonight. Big second half performance from Kelvin Parker to fuel the rally.


  1. I saw Kelvin Parker last week, when the Mount were in CT taking on Sacred Heart. He looks to be a good young freshman - he had 6 points, a steal, and an assist late in regulation to pull Mount St. Mary's ahead by 8. I was impressed.

  2. Great game by Parker. He looked awesome. Just had the feeling he was gonna knock down the 3 every time he shot it. Good game by Castellanos to. Very efficient.

    What I found to be incredibly lame though, was the annoying public safety officer who kept hassling the student section in the second half. Let's be honest, the first half of the game last night was completely lackluster. The players didn't have much energy and rightfully so given that the arena was as dead as could be. Very flat. No emotion whatsoever. Pretty downright boring. Then, the second half rolls around and you have 10 boisterous students that show up and immediately start chanting and cheering and bringing life to the entire arena. And just like that, a 4 point halftime deficit turns into a 13 point win.

    Anyone who tries and tells you that their presence there and ability to bring life to the whole arena wasn't a big reason why we blew them out in the second half, doesn't understand the value of a good crowd to college athletes.

    So how did the Mount's public safety respond to this? They constantly were hassling the kids and eventually ejected two of them. What a joke. Last time I checked, this is college Division I basketball right? Do they not want these kids to come back to any more games? Would they prefer to have only students there that sit on their hands and have more listless performances like we saw in the 1st half?

    I just don't get it. Will be interesting to see how they handle the alumni weekend crowd against hated Robert Morris on Saturday.

  3. Agreed about the student section. They weren't doing anything offensive, they were just doing what they were supposed to do. We finally get some emotion in the building and they ruin it. Pretty embarrassing.

  4. I saw that too...Talk about abuse of power from the Rent-a-Cops @ the Knott Arena. The kids are "supposed" to be "Mount Maniacs!" Let them enjoy themselves while they're in school b/c you can't act that way once you graduate to the Real World!

    Where's Tom Kinery when you need him?

    BTW...Krajina stinks...just a big body to clog up the middle, but that's about it in my eyes? Now watch him drop 18 & 10 against RMU this afternoon?