Thursday, February 23, 2012

Navy basketball ramps up recruiting • Sports - Naval Academy ( - The Capital)

Navy basketball ramps up recruiting • Sports - Naval Academy ( - The Capital):

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  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    OK, thanks for the effort, team MSM 2011-2012 and RIP. Time to start thinking of what's important, namely putting together a team for next year. So, here's one lady's opinion.

    First, let me start with my evaluation of the possible known players available for next season. In the order of importance to the team's success -

    Prescott - unless I miss my guess, will be #1 option.

    Norfleet - solid season and will improve.

    Point guard - no one. Our biggest deficiency.

    Danaher - get him on a strength and weight program; he could contribute.

    Parker - you gotta like his rebounding and defense. Next year his scoring will be an added bonus, not a necessity.

    Barber - because he is a senior.

    Krajina - I still think there is an upside, but time is passing.

    Those unlikely to contribute (assuming the team in fact is greatly improved) -

    Castellanos (the turnover machine who can't pass and can't shoot).
    Holley - did show some toughness, but hard to evaluate because he played so little in Burke's system.
    Owens - ditto.
    Wells - love his energy, but has not been playing enough to be considered much of a help.

    And now for the questions:

    Will Whack be the shooter he could be?
    Will Graves and Patterson be early contributors?
    Will Crockett matriculate?

    Perhaps one of you men would like to write about the coaching staff and an obit for Burke?

  2. Interesting. There are many point guards still unsigned for next year, just check any of the recruitment services. While I do not necessarily agree with all of your comments, I would put money on one of the existing players or recruits not being on the team next year (just playing the odds, no special knowledge).

    Let's hear from the staff what their strategy might be on putting together a team for next season. Guess that starts with the coaching staff.

  3. Kudos to Raff for posting this article and thank you to the commentators for actually dealing with the topic.

    I agree with one aspect for sure - I want to see victories at MSM on several levels:

    1. The education and enjoyment garnered by the student athletes.
    2. Winning as an attitude as well as on the scoreboard.
    3. The electric atmosphere of the Knott Arena when the crowds are big and the spirit is flowing.
    4. The Mount becoming relevant to the local community, and the regional press. This only happens with a team doing well.
    5. 50 years (or more) of fond memories that can follow when good recruits are well coached.

    The memories are not just for the players but for an entire generation of students and fans.

    There are good reasons for the Administration and academicians at the Mount to understand and see to it they also help in the success of the men's basketball program. It is the ONLY program that can achieve all of the above.

    MSM '62