Friday, February 17, 2012

I wanted to root for Robert Burke....

but he made it so hard.

His time was short at the Mount, maybe too short to really know if he could run a productive Division I basketball program. Or maybe too long. As now we're digging out of a hole that took 2 short years to dig but might take many many more to build a ladder big enough to get out of.

So now that this era is over - and the next era has begun. (Matt Henry said after last night's game that he was informed he'd coach the rest of this season). I, and a lot of other Mount fans are excited again. We're excited that our team, that seemed to be held captive for the last 22 months is ours again.

And I sensed that the players felt that way too. Julian Norfleet didn't exactly come right out and say it. But his  quote of  “It can definitely carry over with this team. We can play hard and have fun and play loose.”, definitely had me thinking that the players were happy the change was made. How much easier is it to make a 20 foot jump shot when you're playing loose and having fun?

Now I don't want to go right out and say that beating FDU by 17 after beating them by 19 the first time around signals the end of the down time. There is still a lot of work to be done. And time will tell if that work is done by Matt Henry or some other individual.

But for now, the first night was a good one. And there is a sense of excitement about things again.

I like that. And I'm ready to root for that.

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  1. Awww Raff,all that and you used to be such a big Burke supporter and fan, not all that long ago either

  2. When he was the Mount head coach I tried not to say anything negative. I was a Mount supporter - always will be. Burke was always hard to support.

  3. As I told raff, Lynne needs to humble herself and let Dad step in and provide some wise assistance on who they should get as coach.. Knowing how women are though these days, she wont. I do not really see where she has done a very commendable job to this point- especially with the basketball programs. I mean she was the person most responsible for the 2 jokes at the helm of both genders of bball teams. It is wayyyy too long that the women's team hasn't been in the top echelon of the conference as well. They used to be one of the two dynasty type teams in the NEC before their current stooge has (mis) directed for more than a couple years now. perhaps, Powell should re-evaluate Lynne as well. I like Lynne as a person, dont get me wrong, but, from what I have seen, she got the job based on her maiden last name more than performance. I wish they would just hand this decision over to Dad, and I will respect it, even if he picked Henry..... I guess, lol.

  4. Raff, it is fine, really.

  5. Lynn had nothing to do with the Burke hire. Yeah, I know that sounds odd considering that she is the AD but Powell hand picked Burke. She was given no hiring authority in regards to that position.

  6. John is 100 percent correct on who picked Burke.

    You can even look at the press release hiring him. It was Powell's call.

    I find it interesting, though, that Lynne is now left to do the dirty work and handle the press when something bad happens.

  7. Richard - Don't knock Lynne - she had nothing to do with Burke hiring. As others have said, and I'll repeat it was Powell's hiring. Simple as that.

  8. Nice to see you back on the blog Richard. I see your hatred for the Mount's coaches, the Mount's president, the Mount's AD, and human existence in general hasn't changed a bit.

    So uplifting.

  9. Onions, it is not my intention to uplift anyone but myself, and I have been doing quite well at that, thank you. Oh dont worry I have been a' lurking in here all year. I love Raff. Did Lynne have anything to do with hiring Whitten, then? If Burke was Powell's boy and only his, then it seems that he should keep his brilliant mind focused in another realm of the college rather than athletics. I love you Raff!!! It is so wonderful to see you active lately buddy!!! I dont hate Lynne, didnt you read that I liked her? Powell reminds me of an alcoholic with his red-faced complexion, lol.