Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun night at the ARCC

Even in defeat it was a fun game. A great atmosphere and worth the price of admission. Made me want to go back - and I'm hoping others feel the same way.

Of course, we won't get that chance until November with what will likely be a team that looks very different in a lot of ways. With the transfers that have been sitting out this year and the incoming freshman, plus a new coach it will be a different Mount team. I expect that a lot of the excitement from last night will carry over.

The Mount needs a miracle now to make the NEC tournament. Two wins on the road at Central Connecticut and Bryant and a pair of losses for Sacred Heart in its home building. The Pioneers play Robert Morris and lowly St. Francis PA.

So pretty soon we can start looking to next year.

The article on last night's game showed that Matt Henry wasn't confident that the decisions he made down the stretch were the right ones. Couple that with the fact that his team didn't respond and make the same types of plays that they had made in building the nine point lead to begin with - translates into the disappointing loss. The game ended with a 17-6 Monmouth run.

Many will question Henry's decision to not call timeout down two with the ball after two missed Monmouth free throws late. But let's be honest, that's a coin flip. If Castellanos' runner goes - nobody would have noticed. But the Mount did need a better shot at that time. They seemed unpoised and hurried when there was more time than they wanted to believe. All of a sudden they were looking to the bench. I blame that on Robert Burke more than anything.

Where I'll question Henry was with the two substitutions right around the 4-minute mark. Kristijan Krajina had a bad night. And to insert him for Raven Barber at the time, especially with the type of night Barber was having was really questionable. To also pull your starting point guard - and the only guy who has seen significant minutes at the spot all season, for a young green freshman at the time made little to no sense. If you want to find fault with Henry, I think you start right there.

Anyhow, as I said it was an enjoyable night at the Mount. A great night to honor the '62 National Champs. I found one thing especially true about the halftime ceremony. The statement that "Behind every great team there is a great coach."

We need to find that again.

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  1. Raff, So, how positively sure are you that the transfers and recruits are still gonna be playing for the Mount? Is it set in stone, regardless of who the coach will be?

  2. I agree that it was very exciting game. The game last night and the Robert Morris game were the two most exciting games of the year. Just came up a smidge short both times.

    I actually liked the 'no timeout' call down the stretch. Let the players make a play. All a timeout does in that situation is let the defense get set. Every single situation like that in the Milan Brown era, they would call a timeout, and it almost never ever worked out.

    Not a whole lot you can do when the opposing team drains 14 threes at a 56% clip. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap.

    Everyone on here keeps saying that they want a young, energetic coach that displays lots of passion and desire and a strong will to win.

    Everyone on here also keeps saying how excited they are for next year with all the recruits and transfers that are coming in.

    Am I missing something here? Coach Henry has displayed passion and energy from Day One. That's a fact. And I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't be too thrilled over the prospect of losing another good recruiting for the second time in three years. That's just gonna set our program further back. I, for one, am very excited for next year and believe that Coach Henry deserves a full year to coach these recruits that he's bringing in.

  3. I would like to add a few observations and comments. I absolutely agree the games with the good crowds were utterly exciting, despite the final scores.

    I also agree we may already have, in Matt Henry and the two assistants, three of the four who could make a go of it next year. Until the Burke situation comes to a conclusion, we may not have a choice.

    Now, if we want to field a team next season, one giant problem has to be addressed, and that is - someone on the staff must be a proactive academic advisor - quickly - in the manner of KRob - or several players may not be around for next season.

    So, to get the best for the moment, let's see a plan from the new Coach to retain the recruits and keep the players eligible.

  4. Harry, you must be working in the Athletic department!