Friday, February 17, 2012

Men's Basketball: Mount blows past Knights - Carroll County Times: Mount Saint Mary's

Men's Basketball: Mount blows past Knights - Carroll County Times: Mount Saint Mary's:

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  1. So what did everyone think of the game last night? I'll start.

    For another home game that featured a non-existent student section yet again, I felt the players came out with the most energy they've had all season in the first half.

    Since the fans obviously had nothing to do with that, I'm thinking that was the result of some new found motivation from the locker room that has been missing all season.

    Nice win for Coach Henry. Very excited to see how this team responds to him in the next 3 games.

    (This is a re-post of my previous comments. Didn't want it to get lost in the flurry of links that keep getting added)

  2. When arriving at the Arena last night, it first seemed to be all about Coach Burke & what had transpired, quickly became all about the way the team was performing on the floor...that's the way it should be. As I've said b4, coaches coach, players play. Our players just needed to play better! I don't know if the offense was opened up more or it was that FDU playing a soft zone, but the offense looked good. It also helped that the Mount made their 3-pointers!

    The NEC is a "live by the 3, die by the 3" type of Conference. Since they are only a handful of "big men" in the conference, any team can make it rain from behind the arc & come away w/ a W.

    I liked what I saw in terms of energy & animation by Coach Henry last night, he certainly was the opposite of Robert Burke's arms-crossed, expression-less demeanor. Young kids feed off of that stuff, it gets them fired up!

    It's funny now how all of sudden, everyone is hoping back on the Mount only if we could get the students to get rid of their general apathy toward Athletics. Then we might be on to something...

  3. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Hard to find any persons who like Burke.

  4. Well, um 'k' and others. I used to be so hard on Burke and nearly everyone here defended him so ardently. Now all of a sudden, y'all are talking 'trash' about him. I know it is probably just because it was me who said such mean things about Burke, since y'all seem to think I am so wrong all the time. Unfortunately I haven't been wrong that much lately for some reason lol and when I am, I am not all that far away from being correct. I tried to tell y'all for awhile now that Burke wasnt it. It is quite hilarious how now all of a sudden, it is the opposite with y'all. Oh well, I am so glad I am way deep in South GA and wasnt able to see this disastrous season up close.

  5. I dont know Onions, but I do hope that Henry isn't the new coach. Knowing the Mount, they would love him to be coach because they likely would not have to pay him much at all. Henry would probably be happy making minimum wage coaching them, lol. That boy has had it made most his life anyway, he dont need all that much money, lol. If he is, i hope he can deal with inner city attitudes with new recruits and so forth. Sorry, but I dont think he could handle it. He really was holding a lot of nerves in last night talking on TV lol. I seen a lil blushing I believe :) Let's just all hail the marvelous Shaka Smart's protege, and hope that he is in Henry's seat next year.

  6. Anonymous2:40 PM

    ...almost every person which meets Matt likes him.

  7. hey 'k'. I didnt say I disliked him. I just do not believe he is ready. Heck, Jamion may not be either. These young guys should pay their dues and get a little more experience first as far as I am concerned. I just dont see Matt to come prancing in here and take us to the NCAA next year. Although, a big IF, we keep the talent coming, we should be considered near the top tier, because it really is some bigtime talent supposedly coming. Y'all shall see, watch.