Monday, September 01, 2008

Game Six: Kentucky @ Louisville

Of all the games I watched this weekend, this one held my attention the least. But here are some observations....

....Maybe I was disappointed, just because I was expecting more offense and got nothing. Maybe it was because I was expecting Louisville to be vastly improved under Steve Kragthorpe in his seocond year, but there wasn't much exciting about this one.

....And even with it seeming like a very defensive game, I don't really think both defenses were that good. I think it was more about both offenses being that bad.

....Louisville's problem to me was they didn't have enough of a running game to make things any easier for Hunter Cantwell at quarterback. I thought Cantwell would step in a be a top notch QB, despite the lack of much experience. But he was not nearly as accurate as I anticipated.

....Kentucky QB Hartline gave Louisville 2 points with an intentional grounding penalty in the end zone. But he was starting his first game, so I'd give him a little bit of an excuse. That doesn't work when you're a junior, making your second season opening start.

....Randall Cobb is one of the most athletic true freshman that I saw this weekend. As a result of him having to take some reps as the backup QB, I'm not sure the Wildcats are getting as much out of him right now as they might later in the year.

....And don't think you can count Rich Brooks as an NFL coach who had success in the college game. Brooks was a sucessful collegiate coach, who went to the NFL - struggled and returned to his comfort zone.

....With this win, I think Kentucky might quickly become a Bowl type team. They are likely to win the rest of their four non-conference games. So they should be 4-0 entering conference play. The other three non-conference games are Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and Norfolk State. In the conference, they do have winnable home games with South Carolina, Arkansas and Vanderbilt. Win two of those three and they would be Bowl Eligible. If they need win, they might be able to squeeze one out of a road trip to Mississippi State.

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