Monday, September 29, 2008

Cleaning out the Fridge

Leftovers from the Weekend

I'm convinced now that Alabama should be the Number one team in the land. The Tide rolled through Georgia to get the win. Basing it on pure performance to this point, the Tide has to be top ranked. And they just might be the best team as well.

I'm also convinced that Lloyd Carr was indeed on campus in Syracuse last weekend. Now exactly what he was doing there is open for debate. But he was there. No doubt about it.

I'm also convinced it wasn't to be named the next football coach of the Syracuse Orangemen. If that were going to happen, it would be done by now. But I'm interested and maybe even a little bit excited that he was there and Totally wasn't. I mean could it be that someone else, Cantor or someone else is asking for someone else's opinion (Carr) on how to fix this thing. It means that maybe not everyone is as happy with Totally as they let on.

I'll take Boonah Brinkley as my starting running back anyday. I'd give him the ball more than 18 times a game too. Good running on Saturday and he deserves more than what he's getting. I expect he'll finish with somewhere around 1080 yards.

One of our favorite stories of the year, Rice, scored 77 points over the weekend. A big win over North Texas. The Owls are 3-2 now with losses to unbeatens Vanderbilt and Texas. Great stuff. Even more amazing than the 77 point outburst was that Rice went scoreless in the final quarter. Chase Clement and Jared Dillard connected for three more touchdowns, now with an NCAA record 41 in their career. Clement was 22-of-28 for 298 yards and 5 scores, Dillard had eight catches for 114 yards. Yes, North Texas is worse than Syracuse. But I wouldn't want to be forced to prove it.

The Syracuse field hockey team went 2-0 on a New England road trip. The Orange won a Big East tilt, 4-2, over Providence on Friday and downed UMASS 5-4 on Sunday, holding on for the victory. Because you care, we remind you that SU is 10-0 on the season.

I was really looking forward to a great night of college football on Saturday. But none of it materialized. The big Alabama win was the most surprising. Was also a little on the shocked side that TCU's defense didn't keep things close in Norman for a little bit longer.

Penn State got a realitively easy home win over Illinois. They continue to impress with their offense, but I wouldn't be shocked if their defense lets them down at some point this season.

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