Monday, September 01, 2008

Taking in a Game in Frederick

Made the trip down to Frederick last night to watch the Keys and maybe catch a future Oriole. Not sure about that, but did see both Brandon Snyder and Billy Rowell on the diamond. Snyder has had a great season for the Keys and will look to build on it next year at Bowie, I would assume. Meanwhile, I've heard that Rowell looks lazy on the field. I can understand where that is coming from. However, having only seen him for a game, I'd say it's more like he is very uncomfortable at third base. As a result, I think it might be seen as laziness. Rowell also seems to be struggling at the plate. The good thing I like about Rowell in the batter's box, is his approach. He is very patient and if he gets it together, I think he'll be a better offensive threat than just his average and power present, because I think he'll be a high OBP type guy. Brandon Tripp showed great power his three-run homer to win the game in the eighth. But obviously, he has some holes in his swing as his low average indicate. From following along this year, it seems like he is a guy who is very hot and cold.

The highlight of the night for me was Winston-Salem catcher Adam Ricks. The U of Miami product only caught one inning, and instead played all nine positions. It was fun for our family to follow him around the diamond. He didn't get much action, recording an assist at first and a putout in left. But he did record the final out in the eighth, throwing a fastball that Paul Winterling flew to right field.

Apparently, the playing nine positions has become a sort of Warthog tradition. Manager Tim Blackwell had a player, Robbie Hudson, also turn the trick. All in all, it was good stuff.

Ronnie Gaines was the offensive star of the night. He had four hits for the Warthogs, coming a homer short of the cycle.

It's always good to be at the ballpark, especially Grove Stadium in Frederick, and Sunday was no exception.

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