Thursday, September 18, 2008

Game Eighteen: Kansas State @ Louisville

Some thoughts and opinions while watching Louisville defeat Kansas State 38-29 in Big East country last night.....

.....Louisville may become the team I thought they were going to be this year, yet. They had a much better running game last night than I saw the opening week against Kentucky. Victor Anderson ran for 176 yards and three touchdowns for the Cards. He's just a freshman and has true big play ability.

.....You won't see many more better punt returns than the one Deon Murphy had for Kansas State. He seemed to have very little room to run, but somehow got through the Cardinal punt coverage and ended up going 86 yards for the touchdown.

.....Josh Freeman had a good night yardage wise for Kansas State, but the Louisville defense put enough pressure on him at the start of the second half, that it bothered him. He went cold for awhile there, and Louisville seized control.

.....Hunter Cantwell was much more relaxed as the Cardinal QB last night than I recall from the opener. Having the running game, had to be a bonus to him. But the first-year starter showed the accuracy that we've seen in the past, when he's had to replace the starter. He is the type of the guy who could have a very productive season.

.....If Louisville has the type of success it has had defensively this year for the remainder of the year, I would think they are a true contender for the Big East crown. Many have questioned how strong the Big East really is, and maybe that leaves some opening for the Cardinals.

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