Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Games Sixteen & Seventeen: Auburn/Mississippi State & SMU/Texas Tech

First off, I didn't get to watch as much football as I wanted on Saturday. I was at an MLS game. Sometime I might write about that, because it was pretty exciting. Thankfully, that saved me from having to watch the massacre that was Syracuse/Penn State. I tried to Tivo it, but my good friends along on the trip, wouldn't let me not know the score, they also told me USC was pounding Ohio State. So the only games I got to watch without knowing the score were these two. They were pretty boring....Auburn beat Mississippi State 3-2 and Texas Tech trounced SMU 43-7.

Here are some thoughts and observations from the games....

....After watching the USF and Kansas game on Friday night, the Auburn/Mississippi State game was like watching paint dry.

....Auburn has gone to the spread offense and they are committed to it. But they don't look ready to employ it seriously. Or at least it doesn't look like it will hold up against SEC defenses. Truly what they were doing looked a lot more like West Coast offense then spread to me. But I think that has a lot to do with the fact that spread is much more diverse than people lead you to believe.

....The difference between the SMU/Texas Tech game and the SMU/Rice game from week one was that Texas Tech had more players to make plays on defense. That doesn't mean that Tech is ready to contend in the Big 12. They are getting closer but I can't see them ready to knock off an Oklahoma type team.

....Love the Cowbells in Mississippi State. We need more cowbell in college football.

....3-2 could have easily been like 12-5 or something. So it wasn't quite as boring as it sounds. Which means it really could have been like 28-7. But at some point you've got to convert somethings offensively.

....Paul Rhoades (I think its Paul) is a good fit with Auburn. He's a great defensive mind. I think they are missing him at Pittsburgh. But he and his defensive unit need some credit for this win.

....Joel Meyers and Gary Reasons do a nice job calling games for FSN. Meyers has a great voice and Reasons is decent with the analysis.

....The thing about the Texas Tech offense is that they play it with the riverboat gambling philosophy. They go on fourth downs, they do crazy stuff. It works against SMU, but not sure about the rest of the world.

....June Jones appeared better dressed. But his quarterback still struggled. Bo Levi Mitchell threw five interceptions in just 24 attempts. And most of the picks were just awful decisions. Not only throwing into coverage. But double and triple coverage in most cases. He is just a freshman, and a true at that, but he needs to be better.

....Michael Crabtree somehow managed to get himself incredibly wide open for two touchdowns. The SMU defense was so bad, it was somewhat difficult to make a true evaluation of Crabtree. But he did manage close to 170 yards of catches. He's very good.

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