Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mount updates

Haven't talked a lot about Mount basketball lately. I guess there isn't too much going on. A couple of things though.....

.....The opener with Loyola will not be played on November 15th, but on November 14th, a time still to be determined, so that it can be aired on MASN. It's the opener for both teams, and I think that favors the Mount. I had heard the Hounds will compete in the Preseason NIT and was afraid that might have been ahead of the opener. But Loyola will still open with the Mount before heading to Boston to take on BC.

.....The Mount has landed the first of two recruits for 2009 signing and enrollment. David Golladay, who apparently was very impressive on the AAU circuit this summer will come to the Mount. I thought maybe some of you would enjoy this interview on the fine site caainsider. caainsider

.....There have been lots of searches about Dita Krumberga and FHM lately. I don't know anything about it. But I do know, that there is a FHM Latvia, so it's possible, and we're investigating. We'll keep you posted.

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