Saturday, September 27, 2008

Northwestern/Iowa: Game 27

Taped this game and watched it following Syracuse/Pitt. Here are some thoughts I had during the game.....

....I'd really like to play Northwestern now. Not sure we'd win, but I guarantee we'd score more than 10 points.

....The turnover on the punt return before halftime was a huge gift. Northwestern was just about done. And it allowed Bacher to hit Ward down the middle of the field and set up the touchdown pass to Ward two plays later.

....Shonn Greene runs hard. But Iowa consistently has good running backs. You've got to figure it has something to do with good talent and the system that Iowa has in place.

....Jerimiha Hunter, another mid-stater, is the leading tackler for Iowa. No surprise he was a top notch high school player, despite all the drama that went along with him.

....Shaun King is no longer playing in the NFL? Wow that was quick. I do like the fact that there are live games on ESPN Classic - and the fact that they put the live banner on it. Of course, I am watching the game via TIVO, so I keep getting confused.

....Worst part about watching this game on tape. They keep showing the Syracuse/Pittsburgh score and the Orange has a lead. Knowing it doesn't hold up brings the hurt back, and it was just starting to wear off. That's how bad it has become, the hurt is gone an hour after the conclusion of a game I convinced myself all week we'd win. That used to take days.

....Oh my, Northwestern has tied this game up. Oh actually not, they missed the pat. So much for the tie. I don't think I'll be fast forwarding through this in the second half. Although, the Wildcats have to feel mighty fortunate just to be in this game. And now Iowa fumbled the kickoff. That is the fourth Hawkeye turnover. This is starting to not look so good.

....I'd take Tyrell Sutton in my backfield. Good strong runner and he has nice hands out of the backfield as well.

....Guess what? Another Iowa turnover. It's still 17-16 with 11:58 to play. But wait the fumble is being reviewed. This has been a real boring game. Iowa has the lead because Northwestern has missed an extra point and a short field goal, in spite of turning the ball over five times as the review is upheld.

....Northwestern is going to end up winning this 22-17 and move to 5-0. I'm pretty much surprised by this outcome. Especially considering the fact that Iowa had a 17-3 lead at home.

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