Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Fan Blog Top 25 + Syracuse

Let me explain, this isn't your typical Top 25. It is not a collection of who I think is better than who. Instead, it is a rational look at several variables, that I think to be important in determing if a team is good. For example, wins against BCS schools. Or performance on the road. Or performance as an underdog. So then we mix them all together, and sprinkle in some other variables as well, and come up with a top 25. Obviously, the sample size is quite small, so we some strange folks early in the season. But by the end, I think it gets things pretty accurate. Try not to judge to much early.

1 Alabama - I can't think of a team that was more impressive early on. The Tide are going to be a factor in the SEC this year and for years to come.
2 Missouri - They are my pick to win it all, and they certainly got off to an incredibly good start with a quality win.
3 Bowling Green - The Falcons aren't likely to stay here very long. A tough home contest with Minnesota awaits. But a great ROAD win rallying from down two touchdowns to get there.
4 Utah - Utes held on for a good win at the Big House. Impressive enough to gain peoples attention. Head to Vegas for a showdown on the Mountain network this weekend.
5 Southern Cal - It's hard to keep the Trojans out of the top slot after what they did coming across the country this weekend. But not too many people, expected too much out of the Cavs. But I think USC is one team that is here to stay for awhile.
6 Wake Forest - The Deacs might also stick around for quite sometime. I'm hoping I get the chance to see them again this weekend. The ABC regional game with Ole Miss hasn't shown up yet on my DIRECTV guide. I'm still hopeful it won't be blacked out on ESPN2 - as last week's USC/Virginia game was.
7 Oklahoma State - The Cowboys looked good in Seattle last weekend. But I sort of sense that Washington State is just flat out bad at the moment. However, it did make me think that maybe OSU could be ready to be a ranked team out of the Big 12.
8 Kentucky - I really expected to see more from Louisville. But Kentucky handled a BCS school on the road, so they move up. But a win over Norfolk State won't score them many points this week.
9 Fresno State - Cross country trip for a road win against a bowl team from a BCS conference. I'd say worthy of some recognition.
10 East Carolina - A season opening win against a BCS opponent that was ranked. That gets them inclusion in the poll for now.
11 UCLA - Instant classic, gets the Bruins on the board. Neuheisel is all about big splashes and then petering out. Let's see how this develops.
12 Oregon - Maybe they are the team to challenge USC. A very good win against a Pac-10 team to start the season.
13 South Carolina - If Steve Spurrier has a defense, he's got to be good. I'll be watching this and we get a look on the road versus Vanderbilt tomorrow night. A W will likely move them up.
14 Arkansas State - We talked about all these BCS teams losing to non-BCS teams. But was any bigger than this win in College Station.
15 Tulsa - Let's not forget this team beat Bowling Green 62-7 or something incredible in the bowl season last year.
16 Boston College - Eagles were solid in a road game to start the season. Another challenge playing in the ACC this weekend.
17 TCU - Horned Frogs were impressive at New Mexico. They will play good defense, we can count on that.
18 Temple - They are here because we wanted to mention Al Golden's name. Anybody guess why?
19 Vanderbilt - Commodores won on the road at Miami Ohio. That is an impressive feat. Ask Greg how difficult it is. Plus this gives us two ranked teams tomorrow night.
20 California - Bears beat a good Big Ten team, and scored some points doing so. Opens Pac-10 play at Washington State this weekend.
21 Troy - We're really not sure how there are two teams from the Sun Belt here. Maybe we need to tweak the formula.
22 Northwestern - You beat the Orange, you get ranked. You listening Akron?
23 Stanford - Jim Harbaugh has done a miraculous job. And who said an NFL guy couldn't win in college?
24 Arizona - Coach on the hot seat breaks out the offense. Imagine that?
25 Florida - Tim Tebow and the Gators might just be back.
107 Syracuse - Keep in mind, there are 120 teams in Division I. So it could be worse. I promise.

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