Monday, May 10, 2010

Burke Press Conference Live

You can watch the Robert Burke introductory press conference live at 2pm Eastern Time Monday on

468 x 60 Waterford Crystal

And of course you can come back here later in the day to post your thoughts (and read mine) on the introduction of the new Mt. St. Mary's basketball head coach.

1:57 - 3 minutes to start - and the media is packing the conference room. No sign of Stan Goldberg, but there are two scribes in attendance.

1:58 - I'm really hoping there is audio with far I've heard nothing....almost like I have the mute button on. I checked that, ok on my end. But no audio would be a major downer.

2:00 - We've waiting 3 weeks for this - so we can wait some more...and now we have audio.

2:02PM - Folks filing in, including many members of the team. Saw Lamar Trice, looked like Pierre Brown. Are those kids on the left hand side Burke's? They fill the whole row.

Key Points - 5 year contract

2:13PM - Burke now at the microphone - noted that all players are on board. "About the University finding someone who can help them (the players) accomplish their goals."

"People forget my time at Siena where we were in the Top 5 offensively my three years there and pressed every possession"

"Coach Brown left a great foundation. A great defensive foundation. But with some of the things I've been around offensively, we're going to look to improve that."

No assistants in place at present time.


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I liked the first look at our new coach. I wish someone had asked directly about recruits possible for this year.

    Just saw where Niagara got someone from Florida for 2010. There are players available.

  2. I watched the press conference. Burke seems like a guy who wants to take charge and do things more his way. To be honest with you, he seemed like a stern coach but maybe we need to have someone like that right now. I think one downfall with Brown is that he was too much like the players and allowed them to do more than they probably should have been able to. I seen Sam in attendance, so I guess he will be an assistant? I did not see Tony Little, don't tell me he is a fairweather fan that only goes to the 'important' games anymore, lol j/k. I only seen him at some of those type of games last eyar, other than that me and my gf are alone at some away games it seems. Now if there is an away championship I see others who do not go to any other away games, I cannot stand those types of fairweather fans such as my uncle fire chief Jimmy Click who escorted the championship team bus out to the college in his firetruck. People that do that just want to make others think they are important more than they truly are. I am sorry but I am hardcore and go to see MSM get blown out by 30 at ODU or win by 30. I still hope Raff is right about us playing in Ohio next eyar so i can reserve my room. i guess as long as Burke does not try to emulate Rice and whine the whole game about even obvious fouls, or if he takes us to the promised land a few times then immediately bolts to the 'bigtime'. How in the heck can RMU fans even respect that out of Rice. Them people ain't right at all, geeze.

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Remember everyone, we are stuck (or lucky to have) some of the scheduling and recruiting for next year because our former coach had the most important voice in the process.

    I have followed the future recruits for at least 7 years. I suspected Milan Brown (and he is a friend) might have been leaving BECAUSE the players contacted for 2011 and beyond sort of 'dried up' in the past 4 months, as opposed to the same time in prior years.

    Since we all want the best for the Mount (do any of you remember seeing Jack Sullivan in 1956?) we should all contact the new coach, offer whatever we have in support and make the program all it can be.

    I just love the blogs and the internet in general for the ability to support the underdog!

    Chime in with suggestions.

    There are things you can do. Not too long ago, I got Milan to hire a strength coach - actually I suggested a guy who was the Orioles coach. The school got the message and voila!

    You can also help. Just think of an idea, submit it and let's see what will happen.

  4. Ok icepack. First suggestion- start Krajina. I believe that Kristian has the ability to be an awesome player before all is said and done.
    On another note: Hey Gerick!!! Did you ever get that date with Erin Andrews? You stud you.

  5. Oh I forgot something icepack. I am heading down to Florida for a vacation at around 230 early in the morning Saturday for a week or so. Going to be staying in Fernandina Beach, but I will be going all over the state, so just maybe I can pick up a recruit like Niagara did. Heck icepack, if that dorky looking Andy Toole is such a great recruiter (so RMU says...sigh..) then I do not see why I couldn't snag a talented swing to replace Morales, and I do not even look like a dork( so the girls say..sigh..). I cannot wait til we whip RMU next year with our new mean, Swayze-lookalike coach. my gf said he resembled Pat Swayze slightly. Go figure.