Friday, May 21, 2010

Paulus in the Mix

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

No doubt about it Greg Paulus is a possibility for a Mt. St. Mary's assistant position. Numerous sources have told us what BG first reported was indeed correct.

The Paulus family from Syracuse NY has always had huge ties to the Georgetown program. Greg's father Dave, and his four older brothers are Georgetown alums, and all four brothers played either football, basketball or lacrosse there. So what we know about Greg is that he was always a gym rat - and loved to play the game of basketball - so meeting Mt. St. Mary's head coach Robert Burke on one of his trips to the nation's capital when Burke was an assistant there isn't too far-fetched.

Look, we'll be honest, we don't openly root for Duke - and we despise Georgetown. It's one of those things that if Sean Keeley didn't include in his book about How to raise an Orange, he should have. It just all doesn't go together. Not one bit. So when Paulus, who had bypassed the Orange, as had his brother, who is a backup QB at North Carolina, returned to lead the Orange as a graduate student quarterback - after four years as the Duke point guard, we weren't all that excited.

But the guy won us over. Won us over big time. He didn't lead the Orange to a bowl game. That would have been too much to ask. But he did get them back to the verge of respectability and he set a foundation for the Orange to build on.

The word on Paulus was that he was a tremendous leader. How that translates into coaching, nobody can be certain? But I'd take my chances that it would work out ok - maybe better than ok. Because last year at this time there were a lot of people betting against Greg Paulus - and through the course of the football season, he made a lot of those people look pretty silly.

I don't know who the other candidates are - but The Fan Blog fully endorses Greg Paulus for a seat on the Mount bench - even if that means the The Fan Blog is no longer the strongest connection between the Mount and the Cuse.

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  1. Geeze, Raff, why are letting the almighty Gerick steal your thunder? Your posts have been very sporadic lately.