Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mount O Links

Morales officially Gone

SU finalizes football schedule

I'm not a big fan of playing 1-AA's at all, let alone two in one season. The NCAA has given teams an opportunity to play more games (11 to 12) and teams have stacked that with an extra W - instead of playing high quality opponents - which would help resolve the BCS quandry - and keep the bowl system intact. However, non-losable games for BCS opponents are common - and it leaves us with more questions at the end of the year - and an even greater need for an NCAA playoff.

Dixon, Coleman talk Mike Rice

The Morning Five

Get fired up for the Cup

Missouri at Center of Expansion talk

ESPN doc on amputee football

Mount meets old Friend in MAAC Semi

Advice for a Young Coach

Calipari all about Academic Growth

The hole left by Courtney - filled by Red

Mandel's Mailbag

Tottenham to Champions League

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  1. HaHaHaHa. RMU lost yet another recruit too! That Lamount Samuell guy is not coming to RMU now. Wow, things changed so quick in the past week. Things are looking a little better now.