Monday, May 10, 2010

Suggestions for Robert Burke

Robert Burke hasn't called me about the way he should run the Mount basketball program. I'm not expecting the call. But I'd answer it. Either way, I figured I'd give him a few suggestions - because he should be reading.

Satellite Dishes, Multiswitches, and Amplifers at Solid Signal

Despise Jimmy Patsos - we know all about that coaching fraternity thing. We know how you all stick together. And we know he was a long-time assistant, just like you were, before he got the Loyola job. But we don't like him. Don't like him at all. He's all about the attention he gets - and making sure he gets it. The best way to do that is win games - Patsos can't do it - so he does other things. We don't like that. The student section calls him "Psycho" with good reason. And the fact he coaches Loyola makes it even worse. We hope that you never go through a one-win season, but if you do - make sure the W is Loyola.

Schedule Gettysburg in the preseason - the rules have changed in college basketball - and teams can play non D-I opponents before the season and not have it count. They can also schedule scrimmages during that time period. That has been the option Milan Brown took. Two scrimmages. Closed Doors. In recent years - one against Morgan State, one against UMBC. We say dump one of those, and play a home game against Gettysburg. There are plenty of Mount fans that cross the Mason-Dixon Line to come to home games, many from Gettysburg. Give us all an early look at the team - and generate some buzz by playing the game that used to be a huge rivalry. And if you happen to lose (think Lemoyne) remember it doesn't count.

Get Holy Cross on the schedule - Patriot League teams have been a fixture on the schedule recently. We like that fact. It's a non-conference game against level competition. Let's get a series going with Holy Cross - and find out if that job really was a step up.

Get a shooter - I'm speaking for most fans here - get somebody who can just shoot the lights out...a Mark Scallion, Kevin Booth, Rusty Rauh, Chris McGuthrie type. Somebody who can find a home at that 3-point line and let the crowd count along with Rick McCauslin.

Play tough competition - and at home - We know that big schools don't like to come to the ARCC. We know why. Heck Jim Boeheim told Coach Phelan, he wouldn't play there for $100,000. But when good competition comes - like Niagara, Vermont, Navy, James Madision, Lasalle, Butler and Delaware in recent years, the crowds have come out as well. So we know there have to be $$ games on the schedule, but pick those home and homes wisely - and get some good competition in our barn.

Play the Area D1's - We already suggested dropping a scrimmage with UMBC or Morgan State. Why not pick one of those up as a game? Keep playing American, Georgetown, George Mason, Navy etc. Add a Coppin State, UMES, Drexel or Duquesne. Give the fan base a chance to goto those games - and give MASN an excuse to pick them as well.

Don't forget to recruit North - The majority of players in recent times come from the south. And that is fine - they've been plenty talented. But the league is north - the alumni base is north - and the student body is generally north. And they play some pretty good basketball in District 3 of Pennsylvania which is just north of the campus. Rumor has it there are some big time players at the Area PA high schools, whose college eligibility starts soon. The staple may have to be South - and the DC/Baltimore Metros - but a player from South Central PA, Philadelphia or Jersey each year wouldn't be a bad thing.

Connect with the Past - The Mount has a great basketball tradition. We're not asking you to be the next Jim Phelan. We'll settle for 700 wins. But use the resources that are available. There are a lot of folks who love Mount basketball - and a lot of folks willing to help. We know this is a New Era of Mount Basketball - and we want to embrace that. But we won't ever forget the past - and we don't think you should either. An assistant coach with Mount ties would be a great start. Somebody like a Paul Edwards, Sam Atupem, Riley Inge, Fred Carter or Silas Cheung.

Read the Fan Blog - Seriously, if reading a Richard post doesn't get you fired up or understand the passion of Mount fans - the whole thing may not go well for you here. Because I'll tell you what, I've been at games where there were 33,000 people - and the noise was just unbelievable - and the level of play was high and the fans were spectacular, but no more passionate than what you see at the Mount. The Mount has good  great fans. From the days of Memorial Gym to the NCAA Tournament - this is a fan base - and a student body that will embrace you. Winning won't hurt - but you'll have friends either way. So read the Fan Blog where those fans interact and talk about all things Mount. And occasionally we might throw out a good idea as well - and we won't take the credit if you use it.


  1. Things I would add to the list...

    1. Get students to the Games. The turnout for the games by students was pathetic. There cant be many other things better to do at the Mount on a week night than come to the game.

    2.Create a better game atmosphere, better announcer, better halftimes events, promotions, a mascot. No urban dance team please.

    3.Please take down the old scoreboard in the middle of the court. Buy a new one or put some flags up or something.

    4.Make a better schedule. I dont mind the teams the Mount plays but playing 12 away games in a row to start the season doesnt help anyone.

    5.Read the Fan Blog

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Raff - Putrid Patsos is likely to be going back to - would you believe - Maryland. He is pathetic at best.

    I agree about the student participation (lack thereof). We used to go because the team was winning and it was just plain fun. Any and all ideas should be discussed.

    More home games - YES. And what is with that albatross scoreboard?

    I personally like our radio announcers very much.

  3. Raff, while I do agree with you about my passion for the Mount, I think the spotlight should fall on the one and only Brad Gerick. All our fans, students, and new coach has to do is go view Mount U and Gerick's comments about the coaching selection and process. My buddy Gerick was definitely not timid when he said he would root for Robert Morris. How dare you pull for that corrupt team, Brad? I thought you were my hero?

  4. icepack, I agree with you about our radio guys but our PA announcer needs more energy and emotion. I really miss Dave Owens when he did it. He really got the crowd up and going and fired up. I also agree with the weak student attendance and noise the past few years. I believe the SuperFan needs to stay, but I miss the days of that one lunatic dressing up like a Mountaineer and sliding head first into the bottom of the Mount Maniac section. Hey mikestuf, our schedule should have games spaced out more evenly instead of going so long without one, I wish they would have a Christmas tournament again too. Heck Emmitsburg has finally had a hotel(Sleep Inn) for a few years, at least visiting teams do not have to stay in Gettysburg anymore. Our cheerleading squad needs revamped to be more exciting also. There are more things on my list but I will tone it down for this one post for now.

  5. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Richard - I am glad you agree the radio announcers are good; they indeed deserve our thanks. As for the PA, I don't want to discourage anyone, but I have to agree with you, there are things that could be improved with his performance.

  6. I thought you were a more careful reader than that, Richard. I said I was rooting for the Colonials to finish their search sooner than us, and they did. (I said I would not be unhappy if they never won another game.) They showed how simple of a process it can be. I'll have plenty for you from the Mount this week, men's basketball and otherwise, just make sure you're as thorough in you're reading of me as you are of Raff ;0).

  7. Anonymous7:24 PM

    BG - the RM "search" picked a 3 year assistant with no palpable experience. Hooray for the Mount. They lose, we win (in the process).

  8. Yes!!! It worked. I knew I could get Gerick to say something. Gerick, I read what you said, I just wanted to get you riled up. I originally had Dunlap at the top of my list as well, but not the very top- for the obvious reasons of continuity. I cannot say a whole lot about Burke but I really do think that maybe not bringing Dunlap back is a direction we need to go in. we need someone who is not, in a sense, just another one of the boys. Sorry, I just observed that a little throughout the Brown-Dunlap years. While it is a benefit to be close to the team, not enough distance was kept. I am wondering though- is Dunalp going to Worcester now? Do any of you have an inkling about who Burke's assistants will be?

  9. Just to clarify i think the radio announcers are great! They are as good as any school in the country. I was talking about the PA announcer..can we get rid of the 1,2,333333333333333 already that no one has done for the past 3 years. Im sure he is a nice guy but a change would be good!