Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Is Today the Day? - UPDATED

Written for your enjoyment by:Raff

It is looking more and more like the information gathering process of the Mount coaching search is done. Now it comes time to make a decision. The sources I have been monitoring lead me to believe this to be the case. I have no idea if this is in fact certain, call it a hunch based on the info I have. Sort of funny that BG thinks the same thing over at Mount U

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The candidates as we know them...

Brion Dunlap - assistant coach Mt. St. Mary's
Mike Rhoades - assistant coach Virginia Commonwealth, former head coach Randolph-Macon
Pete Strickland - assistant coach NC State, former head coach Coastal Carolina, former assistant DeMatha
Martin Ingelsby - assistant coach Notre Dame
Kurt Kanaskie - assistant Penn State, former head coach Drake, IUP, Lock Haven
Chris Harney - head coach St. Mary's MD
Rob Moxley - former assistant coach Charlotte & Maryland
Jamion Christian - assistant coach William & Mary - former Mt. St. Mary's player
Cliff Warren - head coach Jacksonville - former Mt. St. Mary's player
Robert Burke - assistant American - former assistant Georgetown

That is the list that I've compiled that seem to be the most serious contenders to named Mt. St. Mary's head coach in the next 24-72 hours. Could there be others? Certainly. Could someone among those names not really be a part of the process? - possible as well.

If we hear anything solid....we'll be sure to let you know.

It's late in the day Tuesday - so it doesn't look like the announcement is going to come today. Actually, I've been hearing it probably won't come tomorrow either. Seems like the decision making process is going to drag on.


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Wojo and Caputo

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM


  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Cliff didn't interview. Currently makes significantly more at Jacksonville and interviewing for much higher profile positions.
    No one from Duke interviewed or under consideration for head coaching position.

  4. Thanks, Dave ;) - I was wondering about that rumor.

  5. I don't believe Wojo and Caputo are factors at this point

    Not surprised that Cliff didn't interview...but kept hearing his name mentioned....but I really thought he was a long shot at best at this point.

  6. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Pretty absurd if you ask me. I would think we are in danger of losing are other recruits any minute. I'm aware that it is important for the decision makers to be confident that they are picking the right candidate, but they sure are going to put this new hire in a rough position if they have no incoming freshman. This process needs to wrap up now. Pick somebody.

  7. Richard6:05 PM

    Lynne better be getting on the ball. I am rather disappointed at her performance......so far in this process as it is. I could say more but i do not want to be deemed as chauvinistic j/k. I just hope that Jim has a lot of influence in this decision.

  8. Richard6:11 PM

    Hey RAFF. Don't get mad at me but as far as what I have seen and heard from you- you have not been very sure about any of this. I may be wrong but, to me, it seemed as you were posting on just speculations of yours rather than having a true clue, and you tried to make it seem like you knew more than what you did. Like I said, do not get upset or mad at me, it is just a speculative observation on my part too. I am a huge fan of you, Gerick and this site. Thanks for all you do Raff.

  9. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Gotta disagree with all the comments when all you can see is the 2+ weeks since a search began. I know it is hard to wait, but Christmas seems so far away in November when you are a young child.

    I looked into the time other programs spent to make decisions (not just this year) and there actually is a negative correlation between the time spent and the end results (improvement in programs over 3 years).

    I must also point out to those 'worried' there will be no recruits - first of all, a good coach will do well with the returning roster.

    Next, did ya see who St. Joe's got a commitment from TODAY?

  10. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Made a mistake in my haste to post - there is a positive correlation between the amount of time it takes to make a decision and the results.


  11. Richard6:16 PM

    In reference to the names of the prospective coaching candidates that you listed, I really do not wish to have any of them. If i ahd to pick, I guess it would be Mike Rhoades, just because I have been a big VCU fan since Maynor played there. I have traveled to see some very important VCU games the past few years too. You guys never know, maybe it will be Jim for a year or two until they get this straightened out. ???????????? That would send me to a higher echelon than seeing Rice leave. wouldn't that be something else though?

  12. Richard6:23 PM

    Nice approach Anonymous- about Christmas and the wait. I can agree with a lot of that, but there are always multi-faceted sides to this process. Maybe we will be very happy soon, who knows. It is time though. Lynne should never have threw that 2 week timeframe out there, if she is not going to live up to it.

  13. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Jim Phelan isn't coming back. Stop with that. That wouldn't even be good for the program if he did

  14. Richard - I'm not mad at all. Go back and read my posts and you'll see that a lot of what I said, I noted was speculative.

    There has been no public information given about the process - so you go with what you hear - and you speculate. I've never tried to report any of it as fact.

    I've taken names from other media reports - asked about them and seen what folks who are a little bit more connected know about it.

    Sometimes I've listened to what folks have said in the comments here and maybe given too much credence to that. At other times, I've heard from folks in other areas who had information that might have turned out to be a little less than 100% accurate.

    The whole time I felt I had a fairly good handle on things, but I always felt from the information I was getting I was missing someone, and there could have been a selection from left field so to speak. Ultimately, I think there was one person more involved then I realized but they don't factor anymore.

    There have been a lot of inquiries about this position, and a lot of names that I've heard that have never appeared here.

    I do think that I have a pretty good grasp on the situation right now. I think that the Athletic Department has done a very good job in this process. Barking at Lynne Phelan Robinson in this case, is as they say barking up the wrong tree. With that said, it needs to be resolved as soon as humanly possible.

    I fully expect that the next Mt. St. Mary's basketball coach is among the group that is listed in the post on this page. If it ends up being someone different, something has changed. I might even be able to draw some more strike-throughs in the near future.

  15. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Does everyone know that Lynne is not the only one on the decision making process so you cannot really put all the blame on her for any delay:
    Mount St. Mary's University has begun a comprehensive - national search for the Mount's next Head Men's Basketball Coach.

    The Mount's historical and championship basketball program is looking for a dedicated leader to take over for exiting Head Coach Milan Brown who has accepted a position at the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.

    The national search committee consists of Mount St. Mary's University President, Thomas H. Powell, Director of Athletics Lynne Robinson, Executive Vice President Dan Soller, Vice President for University Affairs Pauline Englestatter.

  16. Richard11:06 PM

    RAFF, thank you for clarifying. It's just my frustration that's all. I am just scared of the team going down for awhile. I am glad that you explained your philosophy to all of us. Hopefully it will clear things up for others too. I knew I could count on you to make me see some things I am missing. You have been such great help to me for the knowledge about my team that you give. Did you ever see how I have been getting into it with the Colonials over there at CC all season? lol

  17. Richard11:08 PM

    Ok Anonymous I will try to cut back on my thoughts of Jim truly coming back. I just had hoped it could be for no more than 2 years so we could stop the ship from sinking. I suppose I can still dream though can't I? :)

  18. Richard11:13 PM

    I do feel that it is a shame that they kept the coach selection process so tightly secret though. Raff, veering away from my critical post of you, you were a really talented prognosticator when you said Rutgers was still going to take Rice. I commend you for that, impressive. :)

  19. "BG said...
    Thanks, Dave ;) - I was wondering about that rumor."
    BG - please don't think that I posted anything specific about any names listed. Yes, I was the anon who voiced displeasure over coaches who never applied for the job having their names mentioned, but that is the only anon comment I made on this board (and I probably should not have made it, but I was obviously disturbed by it). Cliff is a friend and I've known his status all along ... but I would never mention him specifically on any posts.

  20. Dave - Great respect for you and Cliff. Sorry to upset you. I should have stayed with the initial information I got on Cliff....which was that he was happy where he was - and that he'd have to take a paycut coming from where he was.... I never truly thought he was a serious candidate because of that...however, many of the non-Mount people I talked to about this kept mentioning his name... and at the same time, he is someone that would be a great fit - so maybe I was doing a little too much rooting....I found out for certain he was definitely not in the mix just after the post went up yesterday. I should have pulled his name - or put the strikethrough at that point.

  21. DaveR - I have no idea who you are and wasn't referring to you if you're last name does in fact begin with an R. I apologize for offending you as I have no problem with you.
    I have clarified my criticism for the search process on my own page.