Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mount O Links

BG: Burke won over Powell

The official news release from The Mount

Paulus signs with Saints - is cut 3 days later?
Paulus pursues NFL Dream

Sal showing off more photos

RMU turns program over to Toole - No more Josh Pastner jokes.
He's a former Elon Player

Now it comes time to fill all the assistant positions

The Case for UCONN - Screw them


  1. Raff, did you see that 'stuff'(Cajou word) I posted at Colonials Corner today- I made a few good posts about Rice to them 'dudes'(Cajou-in reference to Gerick's article today), lol. Damn, I am hyped- let's start the season today!Only if they give the inside roof of the arena a new paint job,lol. A big piece of that chipping paint could fly down and take off next year's version of Shawn's hair, lol. Take a look up there next time you are in there Raff.

  2. Raff, why is Gerick so selective in the questions he chooses to answer? I'd ask him myself but he won't answer me, lol.

  3. The ceiling could use some work they must have had a water leak at some point or something. They really need to clean the air vents they have turned black from the dust and dirt over the years. The outside could use some new looks horrible from the road. A few years ago i emailed somebody about some of the concerns i had about the facilities and they actually fixed some of the things.