Saturday, May 01, 2010

Live Blog - Mayweather vs Mosley

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

It's been awhile since I did a live blog of a fight. But this is the biggest fight there has been in quite some time, and just about the biggest fight that can be made right now. The prelims are all done in Vegas and the Main Event will be forthcoming. I'll take you through Mosley and Mayweather as the punches are thrown in Vegas.

Both fighters are still in the dressing rooms. Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya both were just introduced to the crowd. Little bit of a hangup backstage with the wrapping of Shane Mosley's hands - so there may still be a delay before the start.

Muhammad Ali was just announced - he got a standing ovation - good stuff.

5 minutes or so before introductions. Probably 15 - 20 before the first bell.

Chris Brown singing the national anthem - ever so slowly, the introductions upcoming.

Sugar Shane Mosley has been introduced to the crowd and is marching down the aisle on his way to the ring.

Mosley has made it the ring. He's in black and a sort of aqua. That is the best way to decribe it.

Mayweather has started his march to the ring - or no he hasn't - Mayweather has decided to make Mosley wait. He is saying he wants some Circus Act.

Remember when Floyd was Pretty Boy - now he goes by the moniker Money. Go figure.

Mayweather is in the ring now - and Michael Buffer is doing what he does best....introducing the fight and everything else.

Kenny Bayless is the referee.

Buffer said aqua - told you so. Mayweather is in black and red. The ring is clearing.

Round One - There wasn't a lot of action. Both fighters trying guage the speed of the other. Mosley did a little bit more and if the round went to anyone it was Mosley. Mosley did put his gloves on the canvas...but it was ruled no knockdown.

Round Two - That was a huge round for Mosley. Mayweather was hurt early...and then staggered, weebled wobbled but he didn't fall down. But Mosley came over the top and nearly knocked him down. Terrific sequence of events for Mosley.

Round Three - A good response from Mayweather. He boxed a little bit more that round and Mosley didn't get in on him there. Mayweather didn't really do much to bother Mosley...but he did clearly outbox him and he defended well.

Round Four - Mosley didn't do nearly enough in that round...and Mayweather absolutely dominated him. He just clearly outboxed him. Round Two Mosley was able to hurt Mayweather...but that seemed to wake Mayweather up - and then get back to the boxing style.

Round Five - Mosley just do not doing anything. He is not pressuring Mayweather at all. Mosley closes the ground between  the two fighters but doesn't attack. He needs to walk Mayweather back. But Floyd is just so good. And Floyd landed some good strong punches as well. It's looking easier for Floyd if he just keeps boxing him - and that is what his corner is telling him. Mosley looks tired as well.

Round Six - At best for Sugar Shane....he's down three rounds to two...but it could be 4-1 on some cards. A little bit more activity from Shane this round. Attacking a bit more...but then he hesitates. Mosley needs to make it a fight and not a boxing match...and Floyd lands a big right....He is lightning quick...The hand speed of Mayweather is incredible. This was a close round for awhile, but Mayweather won it late. I have it 58-56 after six.

Round Seven - Mosley needs to rally - and he has a chance to win this round in the last minute forty five seconds....but Mosley seems worn down and Mayweather just snapped Mosley's head back with a few punches. Mayweather is in total control of this fight. Mosley can't off with his punches and Mosley looks like he has been off for awhile - and of course he has.

Round Eight - Mosley's corner telling him they need to see something from him. Mayweather is just outboxing - and almost outclassing. Floyd is talking right now after drilling Shane - after Shane tried to touch gloves. He just drilled Mosley with a lead right. Mayweather is clearly dominating and there is little hope of an upset. At this point he probably needs a stoppage...and he shows no signs of having any chance at that.Shan

Round Nine - Shane Mosley has quick hands. But they look terribly slow tonight. The credit to Mayweather there. And even that round was closer. Mosley kept things going that round a little bit more - but Mayweather landed the better punches and I think most likely won the round.

Round Ten - Mayweather doing his best to keep from letting Mosley hit him with that one big shot. But I'm not sure if Mayweather stood in the center of the ring hands at his side, Mosley could knock him out at this point. Mosley just looks tired and there isn't a lot behind the punches. And he's taken quite a few punches.

Round Eleven - The only clean punches that are landing right now are from Mayweather. Mosley landed just 6 of 40 punches in the tenth round. There haven't been many questionable rounds - so when this goes to the scorecards in about 4 minutes, I don't think there can be any doubt. Mayweather has just put forth a great performance....and it has been another Floyd night.

Round Twelve - There was even a spot near the end of the fight hat Mayweather brawled with him. Mosley put forth the effort, but Mayweather was just way too good. I have it 118-110 - and I don't see how it could be any better. It looks like both fighters know the result as they stand in the center of the ring.

Results....Money Mayweather wins a unanimous decision 119-109 on two cards, 118-110 on the final card. And that seems about right. Mayweather just dominated.

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