Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Reason to Hate Duke

Mark it down right now. It doesn't matter what the rest of the college basketball world does, the ACC is getting five teams in. Maybe six. I'm serious. It's a given. Five teams minimum. Miami's win over the Dukies last night guarantees it.

All of a sudden the forgotten about Canes are back on the bubble. With the big win and the incredibly respectable RPI, (28), the Canes are just about a lock. Sure they have to finish up. They can't fold down the stretch, but with five ACC games left they are 5-6. I really think with the RPI what it is, and the fact the committee will reward the quote best conference, an 8-8 conference record, and the non-conference wins over VCU, Providence and at Mississippi State will be enough.

And if its not look for the committee to look Wake Forest's way. You know that other team that beat Duke in the last week. I told you'd they start popping up in people's brackets this week. All it would take was that one win. Well there they are in Storming the Floor's Bracket Racket today. We shouldn't be shocked, we knew it was coming.

They might be out tomorrow. But only because they will be replaced by Miami. Five teams from the ACC. Book it. Duke, Carolina and Clemson are golden. Everybody (except me) has conceded a bid to Maryland (but with the win over Tech tonight, it looks more and more likely) and then you've got Miami and Wake fighting for number five, or bumping somebody else out of number six.

We still have about three and half weeks to decide all this. But the reality is that the ACC is getting five teams, and maybe one more.

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