Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ibragimov vs Klitschko Live Blog

The two heavyweights at Madison Square Garden tonight. Klitschko has to be the favorite, but hasn't fought in quite some time.

ROUND ONE - Very little action in round one as the two champions tried to feel each other out. Klitschko kept pushing Ibragimov's guard aside, but never really did any damage. Ibragimov won the round in my view with one nice body shot.

ROUND TWO - Not a whole lot more as the boos start at the end of the round. But Klitschko did get a few good jabs in and won the round with those. Truly the blog maybe more exciting than the fight thus far.

ROUND THREE - The fight could get a little more exciting if Klitschko threw something after the jabs. And you almost think he could get Ibragimov in trouble if that happened. But for now he is content to win rounds with the jab.

ROUND FOUR - Ibragimov seems a bit tired and frustrated and senses there has to be change. So he is a bit busier to start the round. I don't think Klitschko has landed a punch other than a jab, but its working right now. He won that boring round as well.

ROUND FIVE - A big cheer from the crowd as Klitschko throws a right hand. Might have been the first one. Ibragimov is just overmatched in this. Mainly it seems because of the size. He is trying to find a way in, but can't. The natives are getting restless, but Klitschko won another round.

ROUND SIX - I sense this round might get a little better. Ibragimov has been trying. If you watch Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, you heard Lennox Lewis called "sleepy" this week. It's hard to imagine he is staying awake at ringside tonight. Igbragimov moved Klitschko back a few times towards the end of the round. I'll give him the round just for that.

ROUND SEVEN - If Ibragimov won the sixth, it made Klitschko mad. Klitschko landed several more jabs and a few right hands, which he is extremely accurate with. But something is keeping the big guy from throwing it often. The round to Klitschko.

ROUND EIGHT - A slip as the fight has picked up some pace. Mainly because Klitschko is throwing some right hands. He has hurt Ibragimov a few times with the right hand. Ibragimov did land a few hooks towards the end of the round. But still Klitschko wins the round with the most power fighting thus far.

ROUND NINE - Somehow Igbragimov stayed on his feet. The ropes kept him up. A couple of right hands from Klitschko that were big and they hurt him. But Klitschko immediately goes back to the jab and not much more. The round goes to Klitschko thanks to the big flurry early and that jab.

ROUND TEN - Ibragimov just tackled Klitschko. He just can't get inside. Klitschko is keeping him away and making it ever so difficult. It seems that Ibragimov is getting more and more frustrated. Klitschko wins another round because he was hardly hit.

ROUND ELEVEN - Barring a miracle for Ibragimov this fight will go the distance. Because its obvious that Klitschko is happy to stand behind the left and win on points. His corner is imploring him to go for the knockout but he won't.

ROUND TWELVE - There going to add up the scorecards and find that Klitschko won easily. He did. But it was not a good fight. A dominating performance, yes, in a way. But not the flashy performance that Klitschko would have liked. We'll wait for the official word.

The final scores 119-110, 117-111, 118-110, to Wladimir Klitschko

Stay tuned to HBO for the Joe Louis piece. I know the good folks there have worked hard on it and I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Nice post covering the fight-- i just now found it on google search otherwise i would have posted earlier.. If you like the KO brother I got a blog on them with some more info on both Wladimir & Vitali @