Monday, February 18, 2008

Thoughts for the Day

I don't know how this game is going to turn out in Louisville tonight. But with 10:58 left, I like the battle that the Orange has shown. That play right there sort of epitomizes the night. Dumb turnover followed by steal, and open three for Flynn. But then a stupid foul at the other end. Still, regardless of the outcome, its a good effort and gives me hope for Sunday versus Notre Dame. I think that style will fit the Orange better.

Reading some of the recaps of the Taylor/Pavlik fight today, I felt better about how I saw the fight. I had it even, and one of those rounds, I sort of just gave to Taylor. So I expected the decision to goto Pavlik. But I was a little surprised when it was as lopsided as it was. But there were a lot of close rounds. And really thinking back on it they were either Pavlik rounds or toss up rounds so the decision makes more sense.

University of New Hampshire is coming to Pittsburgh in 2010. Murph at Heinz Field. The Cats have won a few games against big time competition. Rutgers and Northwestern come to mind.

Speaking of college football, have you seen the Thursday Night lineup. Some very good games. South Carolina - NC State kick it off in August, The Gamecocks again the next week at Vanderbilt, Carolina of the North variety at Rutgers, West Virginia at Colorado, USC/Oregon State, Clemson at Steve Russ and Wake Forest, Florida State at NC State, Auburn at West Virginia, Virginia Tech's annual Thursday night game hosting Maryland, then the Hokies on the Road at Miami, Miami in Atlanta versus Georgia Tech, The Horns and Aggies on Thanksgiving Night. That is a good lineup.

Go ahead and give the points with the Hoosiers tommorrow night. Its a feeling.

Did you notice all the celebrity names in women's hoops this year? Not sure why I did either. But reading the NEC weekly release I saw Ashley Olson plays for Wagner. Meanwhile, Colorado has the tandem of Brittany Spears and Whitney Houston. Ironically, they are all freshman. Spears and Houston are teammates.

Syracuse just didn't rebound enough. Too many chances for the Cards. The Orange needs to rebound (pardon the pun) in South Bend on Sunday.

All the initial reviews are pretty good on Chris Tillman, who the Orioles acquired in the Bedard trade. He's one of those guys that people stop and watch pitch on the side in spring training.

There is some talk of Alex Cintron getting a contract with the Orioles to play shortstop this year. He was one of those guys that I thought might be a real good player when I first saw him a few years ago. But that never happened. Still he might be an upgrade, at least offensively, over the Luis Hernandez, Brandon Fahey, Freddie Bynum combo that the Orioles have.

Tennessee and Memphis will be one-two in the rankings when they play on Saturday night. Fifth time in NCAA history that one and two from the same state meet. Number two has won all four times.

Looks like Xavier is going to win on the Rhode (man I'm full of them). Still time for the Rams. But they trail by 7. And the bubble gets bigger.

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