Saturday, February 16, 2008

Taylor versus Pavlik: Live Blog

The two fighters are in the ring and they are about ready to get started in Las Vegas. We'll keep you posted as it develops. Taylor is trying to avenge the loss to Pavlik from last year.

Round One: A fairly cautious start. Pavlik landed a big right hand with about 1 minute left in the round. Taylor caught Pavlik shortly thereafter. More work and and more damage from Pavlik for the round. I'll give the round to him.

Round Two: Definitely a better round for Taylor. He was more aggressive and hit Pavlik cleanly a few times. Not sure it hurt the champ, but they were clean and hard punches in a round that was won by Taylor.

Round Three: There wasn't a lot to seperate the two early in the round. But Taylor clearly landed the bigger and cleaner punches late. That had to make it his round.

Round Four: Pavlik did a better job of defending against Taylor's counterpounching until the last minute of the round. Taylor landed with a nice right late in the round. Pavlik is landing some jabs but not really taking control of things. That round was pretty much even. But I think Taylor may have stolen it late.

Round Five: Some mutual respect at the end of the round. Pavlik won the early part of the round with some straight rights and the more aggressive fighting. Taylor had some solid punches later in the round. But this one goes to the champ.

Round Six: A lot of close rounds thus far. This one no exception. Loser will probably be disappointed with decision. Pavlik seems more aggressive and throws more punches. But Taylor lands more power punches. I gave that round to Bad Intentions.

Round Seven: Taylor is making an effort to work the body a bit more now. He is fighting a smarter fight than the last time around. This is starting to work in his favor I believe. But that round was another close one.

Round Eight: That seemed better for Pavlik. He avoided most of Taylor's counters. Plus he seemed to catch Taylor flush right before the bell. I think that round with Pavlik being the aggressor clearly went to the champ.

Round Nine: Pavlik let his hands go more freely there, and scored more often as a result. A stiff left hand from Taylor near the completion was the only thing that got in Pavlik's way. This fight is getting very close on my card.

Round Ten: Taylor was much more into the action that round. He landed a few solid punches on Pavlik. Many of Pavlik's blows were deflected or landed on Taylor's arms. Again I'll go with the quality of Taylor's attacks.

Round Eleven: Pavlik got after Taylor late and may have hurt him a little bit. But it was nothing major. Still Pavlik avoided most of Taylor's punching activity and the round had to go to Kelly.

Round Twelve: Both fighters react with admiration for the other after the conclusion of the final round, which I think Pavlik won. I've got it a draw. But I think Kelly Pavlik will win based on all the close rounds.

Scorecards: Pavlik is the winner by unanimous decision. I'm not totally surprised despite the way I saw things during the fight. Pavlik was never hurt and even though Taylor was clean with some punches, Pavlik was the aggressor. It was a decent fight, between two very professional fighters. Time for them both to move onto something else.

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