Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Bubble Watch: Quick Thursday Wrap

Teams that didn't help their case last night....Oklahoma (but probably still safe), Rhode Island (total implosion) and Ole Miss (speaking of implosion)

Teams that moved into better position....Davidson (nobody on the bubble wants them to lose the SoCon tourney), VCU, Western Kentucky (Hilltoppers may have case for inclusion), Florida (gonna be hard to keep them out), Kentucky (Vitale says they are in - but his field is pretty big), Mississippi State (just about locked), Illinois State (I think they are the Valley's 2), West Virginia (beat the Demons), UAB (key road win), Baylor (book em)

Tonight's games with impact....

Saint Louis versus St. Joe's - Hawks can't afford any more bad losses.

Maryland versus Wake Forest - Losses here hurt. Wake can't recover, and Maryland is getting close to that spot.

New Orleans versus South Alabama - This won't be easy for the Jags. But they need to win.

UCLA versus Arizona State - Everyone else has more faith in the Pitchforks ability to land a bid than I do. I think they definitely need a split this weekend. This one would carry more weight.

Also keep an eye on Quinnipiac and Central Connecticut tonight as it impacts the Mount and the first round of the NEC. I'll have analysis on what it does to the Mount's playoff scenarios either late tonight or tomorrow.

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