Friday, February 15, 2008

A week's worth of posts

Solid win on the road for the Mount last night at Fairleigh Dickinson. The Mounties took care of the Knights early and never left them back in the game. I'm looking forward to Saturday night at Knott Arena. The Mount hosts Quinnipiac and looks to avenge another loss from earlier in the season. Its a must win for the Mount if they want to finish in the Top 4 and get a home game in the playoffs. Right now the Mount is tied with Central for the fifth slot, and would actually face QU in Hamden in the first round if we started tomorrow. But with five games left, the Mount might not have enough time to catch Quinnipiac. Still, if it hopes to have any chance it must win tomorrow.

Shawn Atupem had a career high 17 points at FDU. I know there is some concern with his lack of bulk in the middle. But so many teams are going with four guards or a no center look in this league, that I feel his athleticism is a real key. He's been getting better all year and his play of late has been nothing short of spectacular. Let's hope it continues.

Also note that Kelly Beidler had a great night with 12 rebounds. The sophomore has been in double figure rebounds several times of late despite the limited minutes.

But just a great win all around for the Mount, and I'm anxious to see them tomorrow night.

Some other things.....I wanted to get in here.

Look for Syracuse to announce that Northeastern will fill the football schedule on September 20th. I'm not in favor of playing I-AA opponents. Certainly, the level we've been playing at is not very impressive of late. But we don't have to go about it this way.

Dan Conley is very excited about heading to Syracuse to continue his coaching career. It's always great to go home. Funny how there was this little circle occurring within the Fan Blog. Conley at Wagner, looking to replace Russ at Syracuse, when Michael and Woerner from Gettysburg were looking to join Wagner, and then even were at a Mount Saint Mary's basketball game to see their new school. Conley says he remembers watching Michael on film, that he hits like a freight train. No doubt about that.

Pitchers and Catchers have reported and Brian Roberts is still an Oriole. I never finished my analysis of the Erik Bedard trade. But I'm very excited to add George Sherrill to the Orioles bullpen. I think he could be a guy who can provide something they don't have right now. And I think a hard throwing lefty could be something that others covet come deadline day. A lot of talk of flipping him right now, but I think he stays around for now, but could be a key trade component later. Good stuff. Plus, Chris Tillman is the #45 prospect in all of basesball according the SI website. I was there earlier today. And I wasn't looking at the pictures.

Louie McCroskey on the bench with Marist tonight. He's a former Syracuse #2 guard. He's injured. Imagine that.
Speaking of the Orange, a lot of folks think that they might beat Georgetown tomorrow. I wouldn't mind seeing that. But I have trouble believing it. This Orange team just doesn't seem to have the ability to get it all done. They are talented enough. But something just isn't right. I still think they have a chance at the tournament, because so many teams are going backwards, but I can't believe they have any hope at actually winning a game.
Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor go at it tomorrow night and we hope to bring you some live blog of that. But we're not sure. Since we're headed to Emmitsburg, how that will work when we get home. I've always liked Taylor since I saw him in Pittsburgh during his earlier years, but Pavlike definitely handled him in the first fight.

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