Friday, February 22, 2008

Looks Like 10 Wins....or something like that

The Syracuse football schedule should be released soon.....

Here's what I've been able to piece together

A30 - @ Northwestern

S6 - Akron
S13 - Penn State
S20 - Northeastern
S27 - Pittsburgh - According to my friends at Heinz this is the Orange Big East opener.

O11 - @ West Virginia
O18- @South Florida

N1 - Louisville
N8 - @ Rutgers
N15 - Connecticut
N22 - @ Notre Dame
N 29 - @Cincinnati

That is ten of the twelve games. Obviously, some holes in October. The two games I'm missing are at South Florida and Louisville.

Look for those two games to appear during the later part of October. I think that the week after the Pitt game will be an open date. But don't hold me to that.

edit - With the addition of the South Florida game on October 18th that means the Louisville game will be possible on one of the three dates....October 4, October 25th or November 1st. My initial source told me an open date on October 4. So I'm expecting the Louisville game to be October 25th or November 1st.


  1. How do you know those BE game days are set?

  2. Friends in good places - and some published/unpubished media reports. Expect the official announcement next week.

    Enjoy the weekend.