Saturday, March 08, 2008

Live Blog: Oleg Maskaev vs. Samuel Peter

The two heavyweights are making their way to the ring for the second fight of the night. A lot of folks expect Nigerian Samuel Peter to overwhelm Maskaev here. I expect a pretty good fight that is going to end in the middle to late rounds with a knockout. It could easily be a knockout for either fighter. The fighters are now in the ring. I'll be back in three minutes or so with a recap of the first round.

ROUND ONE: Very slow pace in round one. Peter landed a few big right hands at the end of the round, or at least near it. Peter was slightly the better fighter and then he landed the right hands, so its his round in my book.

ROUND TWO: Maskaev is a bit more aggressive in the start of round two. Peter backed up Maskaev a few times at the end of the round. Still, I thought that Maskaev worked hard in that round and landed a few jabs that made the difference. I'll give the round to the Russian.

ROUND THREE: Maskaev has made some adjustments to Peter over the course of the first few rounds. Peter had hurt him and Peter unfurled a fury. Maskaev blocked a lot of Peter's punches. Big left hook from Maskaev. Both fighters were hurt in this round. Another big right from Maskaev. I think Maskaev won the round with the late flourish.

ROUND FOUR: Peter caught Maskaev with a clean shot early in the round. Not a lot of action through the middle part of this round. But some good punches from both sides at the end of the round. I give the round to Peter.

ROUND FIVE: All three judges have Peter ahead by two rounds at this point. Peter has landed a big punch at the start of this round. Hard right hands exchanged. Big, big shots on both sides near the end of the round. I'm calling the round for Maskaev as he was the busier fighter in the round and landed some good punches.

ROUND SIX: Peter is warned for hitting to the back of the head. A left hand hits Peter when he's off balance looks worse than it was. Peter hurts him with a big right hand. Maskaev is out on his feet and the fight is stopped near the end of round six.

A very good finish for Peter who hurt Maskaev for the second time. The last time he may have gotten too excited. This time he finished with a series of good blows to the face of Maskaev and the referee had no choice but to stop the fight, even though, Maskaev needed only to survive a few more seconds in the sixth.

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