Thursday, March 06, 2008

Yes Championship Week is officially Underway

You may not get a better night of basketball than you got out of the Patriot League last night. John Griffin's (could have been at the Mount) 40-footer sent the Bison into the second round. The shot knocked off number two seed Navy in the third overtime.
You have to love Griffin, an underrecruited kid from Philly, who said afterwards all he was thinking about was getting to play another game.
Meanwhile, the rest of the Patriot was pretty exciting as well. American, the top seed, trailed most of the game, but finally took down Holy Cross and Army clipped Lehigh in overtime while Colgate won by a pair over Lehigh.
If they didn't already call this March Madness, they would have coined the phrase last night.
But we're already onto tonight....and the NEC Quarterfinals. Very much looking forward to the matchup at Knott Arena. The way the Mounties have been playing makes them a favorite and makes me feel comfortable. My one fear is Demario Anderson. The Mount slowed him with Jeremy Goode last time, but I fear what the QU coaching staff may draw up to counter that. It will be interesting. Hopefully, the Mount has an answer if QU counters.

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