Sunday, March 16, 2008

Live Blog:Selection Show

We're less than ten minutes away. I will pass along my thoughts as they become named. The big one that I was waiting for, has already been announced. The Mount is in the Play-In game in Dayton. It makes no sense. The committee refuses to place the SWAC champion versus the MEAC champion in that game. (Both conferences are composed on mainly black colleges). But it is so obvious this year that the Mount has a much greater profile than the SWAC champion. Still, the Mount needs to prepare for Tuesday night and be ready to continue playing as well as it has been down the stretch. Coppin has been playing well as well. The Eagles started the season 4-19, before winning 12 of 13 to finish 16-20 and be the first 20 loss team to make the field. We're still waiting to see what #1 the Mount will face after winning on Tuesday.

Here we go....the brackets are about to be here.

The #1 seed is North Carolina - not a real surprise. They are the best team entering in my opinion.

Get to the games...Gumbel, we know all this.

The South #1 seed is Memphis

The West #1 seed is UCLA

The Midwest #1 seed is Kansas

No surprises there either.

The only possible issue for me was Tennessee and whether they should have gotten a number one. I didn't think they should have and the committee agreed. But the Vols certainly had a case for one.

Seven minutes of nothing. This is why CBS shouldn't cover this thing. Give the broadcast rights to somebody who knows what is going on.

OMG.. they are going to show us the games.

Carolina plays us....amazing. They didn't even give us a break there.
Indiana plays Arkansas. I think we can take them - if we survive the first two.

Notre Dame plays George Mason. Beware the upset in this one.
Washington State plays Winthop - Winthrop is a 13 - the Mount beat them

Tennessee #2 here - that means #8 overall - sort of surprising. American is the opponent.
Butler at 7 - seems low - versus South Alabama - so the Jaguars are off the bubble.

Louisville gets a 3 seed -- Boise State is in to face them. Great football rematch from the Liberty Bowl the other year.

Oklahoma at 6 is high against St. Joe's who many thought were on the bubble at #11

Beware South Alabama in Birmingham. They nearly knocked off Arizona in the same building when Arizona won the tournment several years ago.

The more I look at, I'm not sure Tennessee is going to survive the first weekend. And that is going to make it a fairly easy jaunt for Carolina in this bracket unless Louisville can get back to playing well. Although I will say Notre Dame or Washington State could provide some drama in the Round of 16.

Now onto the Midwest....
Kansas takes on Portland State
UNLV is the 8 seed and playing well, they play Kent State - great first round matchup.
Clemson is a five seed - which seems high and they play Villanova who did get in the field.
Vanderbilt is a four seed - and they play Siena from the MAAC.

Georgetown plays in Raleigh as well and plays UMBC in a regional matchup (Mount beat them by 20 in a scrimmage.)
Gonzaga plays Davidson in another Mid-major matchup

Wisconsin is only a #3 and they play Cal-Fullerton - in Omaha where the Titans play some playoff games.
USC plays Kansas State - Mayo versus Beasley - are you serious? That is a primetime game guaranteed

The 7-10 matchups right now, intrigue me. South Alabama and Davidson are both 10's in their backyards and they play other mid-majors in Butler and Gonzaga. The 2 seeds Tennessee and Georgetown could be in real trouble come the weekend. I like that.

33 teams in so far, and I had them all. At the moment, I'm guessing that Kentucky is going to get in and Illinois State isn't depriving me of the perfect bracket. But you can't be Joe Lunardi overnight. Can you? You can only dream.

Let's go here on the second half. I don't need to see Ellen Dance. Still would love to see VCU get a bid, but I don't think it's happening.

Memphis is the top seed in the South, they will play Texas Arlington. I think that was the Mount's slot if NW State would have won.

Mississippi State plays Oregon who is a nine and was my last team out. Surprising.

Michigan State overseeded again plays Temple

Pitt earns a seed at 4 - good for them and they play Oral Roberts - which will not be an easy out.

Texas is the 2- and I'd love to see them play Memphis - they play Austin Peay.
Miami is the 7 seed - and they play the 10 seed St. Mary's Gaels. Take the Gaels right now.

Stanford is the 3 and they play Cornell. Stanford already lost to a NY team this year.
Marquette plays Kentucky - so as I suspected the Wildcats get in. But an undeserved bid.

Illinois State would surprise me at this point, and my other team that isn't getting in would be Ohio State. Be shocked to see any of those teams in the West. Unless they left Baylor out. But I can't imagine that.

Back to the South....strong region in my view. Pitt is playing well, Texas is tough as a two - many thought they'd be a one.

I'm shocked to see Miami all the way up there as a 7 - I really think St. Mary's which struggled some down the stretch will get through the matchup. And I think Marquette could make the second weekend.

UCLA plays Mississippi Valley State
BYU is in versus Texas A&M

Drake earns a deserved 5 seed for their first trip in a long time, they play Western Kentucky. That will be a good game.
UCONN plays San Diego in the other game.

Duke is at the Verizon Center, they play Belmont - Belmont could be scary
West Virginia close to home and they face Arizona - tough second game for Duke

Xavier is the #3 seed and they play the story of the weekend in Georgia
Purdue is in and they play Baylor - really made them sweat.

Disappointing for me that Illinois State didn't get in. I'd rather see a team like that, then another BCS team like Oregon or Ohio State or Kentucky. So I got 63 of 65. And I pretty much thought that Kentucky would get in, but I just didn't think they deserved to get in.

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