Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is there any new news?

Regarding the Scoop Jardine suspension situation there really isn't anything new or grand to report.

I will say that I've been in contact with sources close to the Syracuse basketball program trying to get a handle on what Jardine did and what the consequences will be. The official line hasn't changed. But I do think that situation isn't going to be one that ends quickly. Could Jardine play again for the Orange this season? Based on what I'm hearing its very possible. However, it won't be this month, and might not be next month either. Without getting into specifics, the source seemed to indicate that a 10-game suspension recommendation was expected.

The most troubling thing that I heard and also makes me believe that the situation will last awhile is that Jardine did not practice with the team yesterday. This means that if the 10 games is accurate, Jardine would be eligible to return for the regular season finale with Marquette. But without practice for a month, certainly would make him very rusty, and very non-appealing to the coaching staff.

Jardine is apparently lobbying to be able to participate until the hearing takes place, but I'm getting the sense that the hearing may be expedited and the results, (although the offense may be forever secretive) may be public before the weekend trip to Villanova.

Sorry, I don't have more at this time or better information at the moment. If I hear anything new, I'll post it.

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