Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mount loses for third time in four games

Gotta admit, I was pretty disgusted walking out of Knott Arena yesterday. The Mount lost a 65-62 contest to Fairleigh-Dickinson. It was the Mount's 2nd straight home defeat, and their third loss in four games. A loss seems to loom on Monday at Oklahoma.

The Saturday afternoon contest seemed to be lacking something. Both teams shot poorly in the first half, and the Knights led 24-21 at the break. I figured the Mount would play better the second half, they did, but I wasn't sure it would be enough, it wasn't.

In the end, and in retrospect, I'm not sure it was as bad as I felt when leaving. I think that much of my displeasure was the expectation I had going into it. Still, I think that the Mount must get some more people involved offensively. It truly seems like they never have enough offensive options on the floor.

I have been impressed with what they have been getting from Sam Atupem, so the starting lineup is fine. Chris Vann needs to shoot in the flow of the offense, and not take 10 three's a game. But when he shoots when open he is very good. Still despite the fact that he is the leading scorer, his efficency is limited because of a lot of missed shots.

Still, I think they need to get something off of the bench. This is why I think Kelly Beidler needs to be a bigger part of things off of the bench. Jean Cajou has been the sixth man most of the season and has rotated through some of the guard spots. He has done well, and I thought he played well Saturday, however he is not a scorer. I think they need a scorer off the bench. I think Beidler is a scorer. He's not necessarily a shooter, but a scorer. With his athletic ability, I think you could rotate him among the wing and the low block. Let him play some down low and see if that leads to more offense.

Still the offensive numbers yesterday were close to a point per possession. Ultimately, that is better than average offensively. Unfortunately, the combination of 10 three pointers from the Knights and the points they got at the foul line were too much to overcome for the Mounties.

I'll still think they can be a double digit NEC win team. But not sure they are truly at title contender. I think we'll get a better idea on Thursday at Quinnipiac.

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