Monday, January 28, 2008

Tracking it Down

I'm trying to decide which story has more plotline twists in the last 24 hours, the Scoop Jardine Suspension saga, or the Adam Jones to Baltimore Trade ordeal.

Jardine as we reported yesterday missed the Orange's win over Providence and is suspended indefinitely for violation of University rules. We pointed you in the direction of the rumors, and nobody has confirmed much. But the Axeman did come up with this.

So we know that a hearing has been scheduled for sometime in the next two weeks.

As far as Jones is concerned. He is the all-everything outfielder from Seattle that the Orioles are looking to acquire as the centerpiece from Seattle in exchange for the O's best pitcher Erik Bedard.

The rumor yesterday afterday started after Jones told a Venezuelan newsman that he was headed home from Winter League because he had been traded to the Orioles and had to goto Baltimore for a physical.

That led to both clubs denying that a deal had been reached.

Roch Kubatko, whom we like a lot, says this is the latest.

If the Orioles make this deal, and the rumored one with the Cubs for Brian Roberts go down, it leaves the Orioles with a pretty exciting outfield for this year and the future. Jones in left, Pie in center and Markakis in right. Couple that with Matt Wieters behind the plate, and Billy Rowell and Brandon Snyder at the corners and 2011 can't get here soon enough.

Plus with all the young pitching the O's should be able to build towards that timeframe as well, and might even have some surplus parts to add the necessary pieces.

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