Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Orange can't finish on the road

Truth is, I saw very little of last night's 64-62 overtime loss at Georgetown. I have my reasons and they are acceptable, yet disappointing. Most of the night I was following the action via my cellphone.

At halftime, I really felt that we had a great shot to win. I figured Georgetown had just shot 56% in the first half and wasn't about to do that in the second half. I figured we would win the second half. Just wasn't sure we'd be good enough to do it by 8 points. Turns out I was right.

At 58-51, I pretty much figured it was over. And I know there is some belief that Georgetown got a lot of calls down the stretch. And even as I watched the final few minutes of replay, I heard Jay Bilas say as much. But having known the outcome, I was still disgusted by the fact that we scored only 4 points in the final 11 minutes of play. That we didn't make a field goal in overtime. That we shot 2-of-7 from the line in the extra session. Basically, we may have deserved to win based on the first 35 minutes. But when you only watch the last ten, you feel differently.

We had a great chance on the road tonight against the conference's best team and a national title contender. Ultimately we let our youth interfere with a great victory. Its unfortunate, but its more explainable than some of the other losses. You can see this team getting better, you can see them growing but they are not there. Not yet. And the margin for error is getting much smaller.

Here's a link to Jameson's recap at Cuseadelphia. I'm assuming he watched the game. http://www.cuseadelphia.com/2008/01/syracuse-loses-absolute-heart-breaker.html

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