Saturday, January 19, 2008

Felix Trinidad and Roy Jones finally get it on at The Garden

The fight was supposed to take place more than 5 years ago, but it never came to fruition at that time. Now years later, Trinidad after a lengthy hiatus from the ring and Jones having lost 3 of his last 5 bouts will finally go at it in the Worlds Most Famous Arena. The Fan Blog is standing by and will have between round reports.

ROUND ONE - Not a lot of action in the first. But it picked up towards the end, maybe the last thirty seconds or so. Trinidad landed one nice uppercut near the end and may have stunned Jones with a right hand near the bell. Still it finished with Jones dancing around signalling Round two should be better. 10-9 Trinidad

ROUND TWO - Still a feeling out process, but the crowd was in a frenzy by the end. Trinidad landed a right hand on Jones chin late, after Roy seemed to try to steal the round in the final 15 seconds. Trinidad did a lot of solid work to the body and won the round in my opinion. There will be a knockout somewhere. 10-9 Trinidad

ROUND THREE - Jones did a lot of showboating that round, but not a lot of punching. Trinidad didn't seem to take all of Jones' bait, and still landed the bulk of the punches. Jones did land a solid right at the end of the round, but Trinidad landed more punches. 10-9 Trinidad

ROUND FOUR - That was the best round for Roy Jones, Jr. He hit Trinidad with a few straight right hands. Using the jab more than might be expected. He is standing in front of Trinidad, not moving as much as we remember. But he won that round. 10-9 Jones

ROUND FIVE - Jones keeps on getting better. Trinidad hit Jones with another low blow. Jones seems to have more power now. Is he taking over? 10-9 Jones

ROUND SIX - Most action we've seen all fight. Trinidad might have won the round with all the work he did to the body of Jones. If he didn't win it, it will make it tougher on Junior later. Jones was solid though and seems to be the aggressor now. Still, I'll give the round to Trinidad as Jones seems to be lacking something. 10-9 Trinidad

ROUND SEVEN - Jones got to Trinidad and scored a knockdown early in the round. That had Trinidad running the rest of the round in a round that was all Jones and evened things up on my card. 10-8 Jones

ROUND EIGHT - They are a bit happier in the corner of Roy Jones now, as the former champ seemed to control that round again. It has been a fascinating fight from a tactical standpoint and it has had its moments of excitement as well. I'll give that round to Jones. 10-9 Jones

ROUND NINE - Jones is able to walk in on Trinidad now whenever he wants. He is controlling the fight and showing that he is the better fighter. Probably before, but definitely now. The only question now is does he finish Trinidad off with a knockout. 10-9 Jones

ROUND TEN - There seemed to be a moment in the middle of the round where Trinidad was throwing some big punches and trying to catch Jones. But Jones quickly caught Trinidad with a few punches. Then he got knockdown number two near the end of the round catching Trinidad trying to come in. I don't think it ends in a knockout. Jones seems content with the domination he's experienced the last five or six rounds. 10-8 Jones

ROUND ELEVEN - Not a lot of action that round. Trinidad was looking for the big left hand. Jones was trying to avoid it. Trinidad needs a knockout to win. Don't see it coming. This is Jones night. Jones 10-9

ROUND TWELVE - It's over now at the Garden. Jones won the final round without much fanfare. I have a final score of 116-110 in favor of Jones and I don't think it can be much different than that. Maybe a 115-111 score or something. But Jones really dominated late in the fight and Trinidad was worn down by then. Jones had two knockdowns. The scorecards 116-110, 117-109, 116-110 to Roy Jones Jr.

Good fight. Good night.


  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    and the winner is...???? thanks for posting this!!!

  2. you bet, I enjoyed it. Hope you did too. Had some computer issues midround. But hopefully I can make this an every big fight thing.

  3. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Jones won??

  4. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Felix is not the same figher he used to be, he was a great fighter but I think he got hit too much at some point. Roy, he never got that much damage to him. Peace out.

  5. Anonymous2:17 AM

    oh well

  6. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Oh well