Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Night Live Blog from the Sofa

Lots going on tonight....The Mount is at Wagner, full slate of games on the tube, and I'll be following it all live right here with you. But probably be in bed by the time Federer goes at it down under at 3:30 EST.

The Mount is ready to get started. Same starting five at Wagner, who is second in the NEC. I still think the Mount needs to push the pace, that is when there offense works the best.

Syracuse's next opponent Providence is playing real well at the moment. The Friars have an early 9-2 lead on Seton Hall, who has also been streaking.

Things a little chippy early in Blacksburg. Greg Paulus in the center of it. Shocker. The Blue Devils always struggle at Tech. It's 6-6 early, we'll see how that develops.

Like the fact that Kelly Beidler is into the game early for the Mount. They lead 5-4, and seem to be doing well on the offensive glass. Five straight by the Mount to seize the lead.

The Mount trails 7-5 now, and the Seahawks are headed to the line at the first media break. Jeremy Goode seems to breaking the Wagner pressure, but has been unable to finish early. The Mount is getting good shots, but they are not going in. They need to settlie themselves on the road. The Mount is just shooting 18% from the field, 8-5 lead on the boards. They can get back into this as the percentages even out.

Providence is a team that hasn't made a big splash on the national level as of yet, but they are playing well. The Friars have won three straight Big East games and are now 12-5. The Friars seem to have the ability to finish around 500 in the Big East. But at that, they might need to win a game or two in the Big East Tournament to get a tourney bid.

Wagner leads the Mount 19-15 at the second media break. Jeremy Goode has helped the Mount climb back into it with some transition layups. The Mount still not shooting well. Has gotten some easy looks. Not all of them have gone in. Both coaches have shown disappointment in their defense and both have used two timeouts.

4:43 left in the first half and Wagner leads by 10 right now. The difference is that the Seahawks have been able to knock down some open jump shots. Jamaal Smith is 3-for-3 from behind the arc. The Mount meanwhile has scored 16 of 19 from inside the paint, and I think the other three are from the line.

Seton Hall has done a nice job of working its way back into the contest at the Donut center in Providence. The Hall is within three and they've got the ball with about 1 minute left in the first half. Life in the Big East is tough for all.

Chris Vann made a three for the Mount. MSM now 1-of-8 from behind the arc. Still the Mount trails by 10 nearing the half. Jeremy Goode in double figures for the Mount, but they trail 35-26 at the break.

The half was one of the worst that the Mount has played this year, yet they trail by only nine when shooting just 24%. The Mountaineers need to make a few more shots and the second half could get back into the game. However, the way they are playing, it seems unlikely.

Big game in the A10 tonight. Dayton and Xavier going at it in Cincy. Both teams are ranked and seemed to be locks for the tourney at the moment. The A-10 has a chance to get four in. I think the Musketeers end up winning this comfortably.

Doesn't seem like the Seahawks have anybody who can really guard Jeremy Goode. The sophomore point has 13 points early on in the second half. The Mount is within six as they have started well here in the second half.

The Mount just beating the Seahawks down the floor for a lot of baskets right now. They trail 43-38 as Atupem missed a dunk, and then picked up his third foul at the defensive end.

Its now 43-all as Will Holland has buried a three. Goode has 15 for the Mount and the assist to Holland. He is the best player on the floor right now.

Markus Mitchell having a great night for the Mount. He's got 12 points and 13 rebounds down low. The Mount has outscored Wagner 17-8 in the first five minutes of the second half. They scored 26 points the first half and have scored 17 in five minutes of the second. That is the type of pace that they need.

The mandated sub of Jean Cajou at the 15 minute mark, and the Mount immediately lets the shot clock run out.

Atupem picks up his fourth foul on a charge. Good thing that Mitchell who was on fire before being substituted has returned. Might be a good idea to get Goode back in the game as well. The Mount trails by 3.

A 7-0 run for the Seahawks to respond to the Mount's 17-8 start to the second half. The Mount was led in that run by Mitchell and Goode. Both were subbed for, and Wagner went on the 7-0 run. Amazing.

Crazy turn of events in Providence. The Hall has rallied and leads by 12 with 9 minutes left. The Pirates making everything and Providence can't buy a bucket.

The Mount has drawn back within one on a Kelly Beidler layup. Jeremy Goode seems to be having his best game in quite some time. Haven't heard an assist total, but he seems to be scoring or creating every Mount score.

Wagner leads by three as the Mount turns it over on the break. The Mount keeps cutting back into the lead, but can't seem to get over the hump. The Mount in the zone defensively right now.

Atupem just fouled out with just over five minutes left. The Mount trails by three. So it will be Loughry and Shawn Atupem the rest of the way with Mitchell, who is having a career night.

The St. Francis's headed to overtime. It appears Robert Morris will defeat Central tonight, and Sacred Heart and LIU are going to the wire.

Jeremy Goode with 19 on a pair of free throws to make it 62-59 Seahawks. Mount gives up two offensive rebounds before committing the foul at the other end.

The Mount now trails by seven as both free throws were good and then Vann turned it over on the inbound. Wagner scored on a backdoor cut, and Vann missed a three at the other end. Mitchell fouled out on the rebound. Shawn Atupem returns.

The Mount trails by seven, but an intentional foul as Goode heads the other way. He missed the first, and makes the second for 20 on the night. A foul on the inbounds and the Mount can cut into the lead with the clock stopped. Will Holland with 11 as he makes the second and its a four point game with three minutes left.

Chris Vann buries a three after Wagner scored at the other end, so its three with just over two to play.

Wagner headed back to the free throw line, they now have 17 points from the line and lead by five as James Ulrich makes both. 70-65 with 2:05 left.

The Mount failed to score and Ulrich gets a rebound and is fouled. Some free throws here and its going to be really tough for the Mount. Missed the first. Missed them both, and offensive goaltending on the follow. Mount needs a score.

Chris Vann gets fouled. The Mount closes to within four as Vann makes one of two. Porter has it stolen by Goode. Holland and Vann both missed from three.

An offensive foul gives the ball back to the Mount. They need points right now. Beidler scores to cut it two and the Mount calls timeout.

Loyola beat Siena by nearly 30 tonight. The Greyhounds were the Mount's first win this year.

The Mount has to foul if they don't get a quick steal with 32.9 seconds. Dorell Vinson shoots just somewhere in the 30 percent range. Foul him if you can.

Radford is fouled by Will Holland with 23.6 left. He is a 59% shooter but has made 3-of-4 tonight. He makes the first.

The second is also good. Wagner 19-28 on the night from the line.

Goode scores with 15.5 seconds left and Ulrich is fouled. The Mount nearly got a steal in the backcourt.

Ulrich's first free throw is good. The second is good.

Wagner will win 74-70 as the Mount rally ends short. A better second half as the Mount scored a bunch of points (36) and played a much more uptempo style. They let their best player Jeremy Goode control the game. I think Goode finished with 22 points, and I'll be interested to see the assist totals as well. But the Mount gave Wagner a lead at the half, rallied from that, and then let them score 7 straight when they took Goode out with about 15 minutes left in the game. They kept battling and were better offensively, but they could never overtake Wagner.

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