Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy 100th Post

I couldn't bare to write about the Syracuse trip to UC as my 100th career post here, so I've decided to just go with a Thursday night on my sofa. I'm listening to the Mount, who holds an early 8-6 lead at the TD Banknorth Center in Quinnipiac (or something like that). And I've got the TV on as well. So we'll see how this goes.

Listening in on the Quinnipiac radio network -- sounds like the Mount brought the defense tonight -- and Jason Loughry is providing the offense. He has four of the Mount's first ten points. But the Mount has struggled early with some turnovers and hasn't gotten a lot from the outside. The Mount seems to want to run a little bit as much as possible - and get as much inside as they can. Also a lot of turnovers for the Bobcats - 9 minutes in its 10-8. Kelly Beidler who is getting more minutes tonight just drilled a three. A Goode drive makes it a seven point lead. Quinnipiac getting no offense except for from Demario Anderson, who is clearly their best player. He now has 10 of 12 for them and its 15-12. Full slate in the NEC tonight. Really interested to see the FDU/Robert Morris score. Big Sam has four straight inside and the Mount leads 19-12.

This is definitely the style game the Mount wants. But I'll never feel a game is going the Mount's way at Quinnipiac again. I think it was last year, may have been the year before, when the Bobcars scored like 6000 straight points near the end of the first half and starting the second half to erase a double digit Mount lead and go onto an easy win. Watching Joe Alexander at the free throw line for West Virginia reminds me of how he should be at the Mount. I think we lost the feed. In fact, a power outage on press row, and QU has cut it to one.

A fast break layup from Vann off a feed from Goode has extended it to three. Under five left in the first half. And we'll take another timeout. 4:32 left in half number one 21-18.

4 of the 5 road teams lead in the NEC at the moment. We'll keep an eye on that. Only Central with a 7 point lead on St. Francis PA on top at the moment. Robert Morris leads at FDU 20-19, Wagner leads Monmouth by a point, and NY has a five point lead at Sacred Heart at the moment.

The Mount has forced 9 Bobcat turnovers. But its only a one-point Mountie lead. Sam Atupem with a spin move inside - good move according to the QU broadcast team -- makes it a three-point lead. Carl Anderson has a chance at a conventional three-point play to tie it - and converts for the Bobcats. 23-all.

All of a sudden the Bobcats are back at the free throw line with a chance to take the lead. The Mount hasn't gotten a lot offensively from Holland or Vann and they need to step up.

Holland hits both free throws and the Mount is back in the lead. 1:00 left and the Mount now trails by a point. Sam Atupem heads to the line to shoot a pair. Misses the first, makes the second, all tied. The Mount gets the ball back and has a chance to lead at the locker room. Milan Brown calls timeout to draw something up. Quinnipiac 12-24 from the floor, the Mount 1-4 from three, QU 0-1. The Mount gets a forced Chris Vann airball and you goto the locker room tied at 26.

The Mount has done well inside. Sam Atupem, Markus Mitchell, and Jason Loughry have all scored well inside. Hopefully the Bobcats try to make some adjustments and it opens up Vann (who hasn't attempted a three yet) and Will Holland who hit 13-of-22 threes entering the game.

Two other games at the half in the NEC right now.....FDU with a two point lead 28-26 over Robert Morris, and St. Francis NY with a 36-30 lead at Sacred Heart.

The Mount was led by Atupem in half number one, he had nine points. The Mount trails by two early. But Jeremy Goode scores on a stickback to tie it. Seemed to be a little better flow to the offenses the first two possessions for each team. But both failed on the third.

I don't have a good feel about the way this is starting. QU is getting things inside early on. The Mount has turned it over again. And the Bobcats have made a three and lead by five, with Goode headed to the line to try to slice into it.

The Mount has called timeout as Demario Anderson connects on a three to make it an eight point game. The Mount seems to be really stuggling offensively at the moment. They haven't scored a field goal in awhile.

14:49 left in the game - 40-32 in favor of Quinnipiac as we head to a break. The Mount needs to get some offense back into the game. Both Vann and Holland are on the bench.

The Mount needs to get back in the game by the next timeout at the under 10 break. They need to show something offensively. Nothing seems to be going well right now. Jean Cajou has taken the last two shots - both misses. They are trying to get the ball to Atupem, but hasn't been succesful. Sam just missed on that possession. The Mount coaching staff seems to have no answers for the adjustments that Qunnipiac made at the break.

Will Holland has scored to end the FG drought, but Anderson answers with a three at the other end as the Mount has gone zone. The lead is now double digits, but Loughry scored and got fouled to cut it back to nine. And he's going to the line. Missed the free throw.

Quinnipiac continues to dribble penetrate offensively and gets easy stuff inside. Jason Loughry has picked up his fourth foul with 11:18 left. Louis Brookins is back at the free throw line to push it to 13.

Beidler a three-point play to cut it ten. The Mount needs to do better defensively. But Beidler keeps the scoring going. He knocks a three down. 51-42, before Anderson scores on the backdoor cut.

Sounds like the Mount is playing a little better. But they still trail 53-44 with about nine minutes to play. Win the next five minutes after that was pretty much a draw, and you have a chance down the stretch. But they've got to go now. And they need Beidler and Holland to provide the offense.

Mount as close as they have been in awhile after Vann scores with the shot clock winding down. Mount needs a stop down seven. Got it, but they didn't convert. And now trail by nine as Will Holland heads back to the line. Mount seems to be playing with four perimiter players and trying to capitalize on some matchups against Carl Anderson. Holland just drew the foul on him. Anderson went to the bench. Holland made one of two.

Had a chance to cut it to five, but Holland missed a three out of the corner. The Mount forces a turnover and the Mount has another chance to slice back into it. Mount had another chance to get it to five. But Loughry's jumper wouldn't go. It's that under five timeout. Mount trails 58-51

They did win that stretch. But not sure its enough. They had two chances to make the Bobcats look at the scoreboard and worry, and couldn't convert. Now its going to be tough from here. Plus Evan Baker is headed to the line.

This isn't going to be a win. And the Mount is going to fall into the middle of the pack in the NEC after the 3-0 start. They have St. Francis PA at home next Wednesday in what is becoming a must win.

3:25 left and the Mount is down nine. Worried that Sam Atupem might be hurt a bit. He caught an elbow earlier in the half and I haven't heard his name since.

2:24 and the Mount trails by eight after a Will Holland trifecta. They said he's now 1-of-7 from three, but not sure he's actually shot that many. But they've got the statboard in front of them, and I don't.

Atupem now in the game. Not sure where he's been or why both Loughry and Cajou were playing with about 4 minutes left in the game and the Mount needing offense. Goode has 13, I think that now leads the Mount.

Goode has scored again and missed the free throw, and the Mounties trail 65-57. Make it 67-57 as Carl Anderson scores and gets fouled.

Solid effort from QU as they now have five players in double digits. I guess the Mount offense could be worse. Saint Louis has seven points with under five minutes to play in the first half at GW tonight.

I'll wait for the final numbers, but I don't think Chris Vann has a three. That would be game number one without one this year. And I think the Mount offense didn't shoot very well at all. Down 11 with 23 seconds left and Brown called a timeout. Good Move. Just get out of Dodge. The Q broadcasters stating its a good move. They agree with me.

Final Score is Quinnipiac 70, MSM 59.

So much for post 100 being any better by going with this.

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