Saturday, January 26, 2008

Milan Still Very Optimistic

I thought the offensive effort and style was much better in the Wagner game. Unfortunately the Mount shot so poorly in the first half that it didn't result in a win. But they played the best team in the league (IMO) tough on the road. Definitely a better outing.

Coach Milan Brown had a quote in The Gettysburg Times that said this.

"I like our chances. I think that we have enough guys to make a run and my staff will be prepared fro each team. We want to close the last month of the season out strong in order to give us a chance to win the NCAA championship."

Not sure if that is a misquote or not. But it's pretty funny nonetheless. Maybe he said something like win the NEC and get the NCAA berth or whatever. Have to check with the folks at the Times and see what's up.

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