Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Scoop

By now you probably know the details of the case against Syracuse guard Antonio "Scoop" Jardine. He in some way was connected to the purchase of approximately $116 of food with the student ID of another Syracuse student. His cousin Robert Washington signed for the food. Statements to police indicate that Jardine did not consume any of the food and that there were four people involved, including Jardine. $116 of food for three people seems like a lot, even with the University's pumped up charges. But who am I to judge.

For a complete rundown on the story click here.

I also got some information overnight that my 10-game suspension recommendation reporting was wrong. A seperate source told me that the coaching staff is preparing to not have Jardine available for the remainder of the season. That could mean the suspension will be for the rest of the semester. Or it still could be 10 games, because as I said yesterday, if he misses 10 games, it might as well be the rest of the season. However, this new source indicated that Jardine's time at Syracuse could be done, although they don't expect that.

We do know that Jardine did not accompany the team to Chicago for tonight's game with Depaul. Looking forward to writing about something other than this.

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