Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vaughan commits....sort of

Dan Vaughan has stated his intentions to continue his academic and athletic career at Syracuse University. That is, if Pittsburgh doesn't find a scholarship for him.

The 6-3, 225 prospect from Pittsburgh's Central Catholic apparently chose Syracuse over Stanford after the Panthers informed him they no longer had a scholarship available. Pittsburgh was recruiting him as a Defensive end, Syracuse projects him to be a LB.

Here's the scoop from the Pittsburgh paper.

Vaughan would be a good fit in Syracuse. There is now a lot of speculation as to whether or not Syracuse should rescind its offer since Vaughan wants to go to Pitt. Certainly Syracuse isn't standing in the way of that happening. My concern would have been that Pitt waited until the last minute to come up with the offer and Syracuse comes up with no one. But it sounds like this will all be resolved by Thursday. If that is the case, I think Syracuse needs to let the young man make his decision and show some class and honor their offer.

Not trying to knock Pitt in this situation. It happens all the time in the recruiting game, where a school has several quality recruits and says you've got to decide by a certain time, otherwise we're opening the slot up and offering others and if they commit, then we won't have the ship available for you. Too bad for Vaughan that it cost him at the moment.

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