Saturday, February 27, 2010

At the Half - At the Dome

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

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Fairly comfortable if you're an Orange fan. 'Nova made some shots early but even then I was pretty comfortable with the way things were going. I didn't think Villanova was going to continue of the pace to score 100 points - and that is just about where they were at the start of the game.

Actually I think some of those early makes may have led to some of the poor shot selection later in the half for the Cats. So I'll take it.

Big win for New Mexico to win at BYU today. Just had to throw that in there.

I expect that 'Nova is going to shoot more consistently the second half - not as hot as they started - but certainly not as cold as they were the last ten minutes of the half. But what I think separates these two teams is the Orange's ability to defend.

Great first halves from both of the Philadelphia kids for the Orange. Scoop Jardine once again comes off the bench to give SU some real quality minutes - and real quality when they were needed. Also, Rick Jackson is often never noticed - but he does a lot of real nice things in that big body. The catch he made on the pass from Rautins was superb. And unlike many big men - he isn't a black hole once he gets the ball. He passes very well.

The T-Shirt says "Just me and 34,616 of my closest friends". I get it - I like it. But I have to ask - if 34,616 is the attendance wouldn't it be just me and 34,615 of my closest friends.

The interview with Jay Wright made me think that those halftime interviews are really pointless. I mean other than to give Erin Andrews some face time. Seriously though, if Wright truly thinks all his team needs to do is make some shots - he's about to lose by 20+.  Granted making the shots would slow down the Orange running game. But Syracuse did ok in the halfcourt sets as well - and Villanova didn't really attack the zone - they just tried to shoot over top of it. They made a few bombs early - but if you're relying on 25-footers - it's going to get ugly quickly.


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  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    First half 12 minutes in, they have 8 points. Biggest deficit 22-8. Second half, six minutes in, they get their first 2 points. Down 12 with 12 to go. Down 8 with 4 to go. What a great win! Now we need one first round upset to get the semifinals at home!