Sunday, February 14, 2010

Syracuse Louisville Live Game Thread

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Feel free to post your comments during the game as the Orange takes on the defending Big East Champs, Louisville Cardinals from the Carrier Dome this afternoon.

Happy Valentine's Day to all

Like the look at the start from the Orange. They have gotten the ball inside and had some open jumpers. Defensively they look active - the offensive rebounds for Louisville have been off long rebounds. Triche has struggled a bit early on - and we'll see if Coach Boeheim goes to Scoop early. Would be nice to get Wesley a touch or two offensively. The zone from Louisville might call for some minutes from Mookie. L-ville is really struggling yet it is only 4-2 Orange when the Cards scored their first bucket nearly four minutes in. We'll see if that catches up at all. But it is 6-2 @ the first break.

Share the basketball. This Orange team does it as well as any I've seen. Two big passes - extra ones from Johnson and Triche have made it 10-2 in favor of the Orange and forced a TO from Pitino.

It's Wesley JaMarr Johnson - in case you were wondering. My daughter was - so we checked it out. Two syllables in all as she has pointed out. Minus Johnson's one three - the Orange hasn't shot it well from deep early. It feels like we should be up about 10 - and instead it is a five-point lead. Mookie has entered the game - and quickly missed a jumper. Couple of runouts for Scoop - and all of a sudden the lead is 11. Defense has been the big key. I hope that Ohio State is not in Syracuse's draw when the brackets are released. The Buckeyes are really playing well - and might very well be the Big Ten's best team. Louisville seems to be doing what it can to make this game as ugly as possible - and they make a three every now and again to keep contact with the Orange.

Louisville isn't going away - and the Orange offense is settling for jumpers. They had been getting inside early and it seemed to be the way to attack the Card defense. Obviously, the Cards have tried to take that away - but it looks to me like Syracuse is doing more to itself to keep the ball on the perimeter than the L-ville defense is doing.

Some shots that normally fall for the Orange, not going today. It seems to be bothering them a bit as well. Leading to a few poor decisions and they look out of sync offensively. It is going to take a much better effort in the second half to get the job done. 'Ville is not great, but they aren't going to go away. And make some free throws already.

It was 22-11 Orange and now its 28-27 Louisville as the Cards are getting some jumpers to fall - and continue to play a tough defense.

Need something to provide some energy - Scoop now has 6 off the bench. But a poor offensive effort in the first half from Syarcuse. They'lll have to make some adjustments at the half to combat what the Cardinals are doing.

An extremely disappointing second half. Credit to Louisville for earning the victory - but I thought this was more about Syracuse having a bad day. The loss to Pittsburgh helped to refocus this team - just as the exhibition loss to LeMoyne did. You could see the last few games that this team wasn't at its best. It wasn't fully sharp. Hopefully, this loss sharpens them up and does some good for the long haul. Ultimately, the loss today does nothing to hurt them in the long run. But its the combination of sluggish performances lately that bothers me.

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