Thursday, February 04, 2010

Will the Tale be Told tonight?

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

If you are a Mount fan and you have any idea what you are going to get tonight - you are by far a better fan than I. I know what we should get. That would be a double-digit win from the Mount. Things have been better for the Mount the last several weeks. And a two-game home winning streak should have helped their confidence. It didn't move them any closer to an NEC tournament bid (they are still a game out in ninth), but it did move them a lot closer to third place (just two games behind the threesome of Monmouth, Long Island and St Francis NY) in the jumble that is NEC race.

So in this race to Dayton, the Mount must win tonight. There is no other way to say it. Wagner is 4-19 on the season. Two of those wins in the NEC - including a one-point win over Sacred Heart on their way back to Connecticut last week.

Still with an experienced team this is a team the Mount should jump on early - and never let back into the game. In a perfect world, we'd feel good at the intermission - and be checking other NEC scores in the second.

But this isn't a perfect world, and just when you think you have this Mount team nabbed, something different happens. Plus anytime Corey Hart comes to town, strange things seem to happen.

Hopefully, I'm reading into this a little bit more than I need to. And hopefully this team has found itself. But they've fooled me before. So I'm just waiting til I show up tonight to see what Mount team we get.

But I'll make a prediction that its the good one. And say 70-55 Mounties.


  1. Richard5:07 PM

    I sure hope you are right. That score you gave is how it should have been in most of their NEC games. However I am not convinced they will win. This is due to the way wagner has sort of come on and performed better of late. It is similar to last year when Wagner was at the bottom and pushed themselves into the tournament. I just cannot wait to see the main attraction- Mike the devil Deane! I'd love to have him as coach. A big thing of interest to me is if Cajou lives up to his talk. The articles in the papers are making such a big deal out of Cajou being the leader so it better not be bs. I'd like to see them put Krajina in once in awhile. Maybe time watching the game has helped him.

  2. Richard5:08 PM

    Raff are you going to the game? If so, will you be carrying your laptop into the game?