Sunday, February 14, 2010

Questions from the Games

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

If you've read this blog for any period of know that I have a fascination with the Olympics. Even though most of the sports are ones that I don't usually watch, I'll spend the next two weeks (or more, thank you TIVO) watching events with people I really only hear their names every four years. But there is just something special about it and I love the competition and the spirit of it. But as I've watched the early hours of coverage, I've got a few questions and thoughts.

1) On the ski jumping, it looks like there are little trees coming up out of the ground. Is that what they are? And if so, why are they there? And how does it appear the jumpers miss them all the time?

2) Isn't Al Trautwig the greatest on cross country skiing/biathalon? His voice seems to add the right quality to the sport - and makes what would seem to be a slow paced sport all the more exciting?

3) Figure Skating is clearly the marquee sport of the games - but we went the first day of competition without it. NBC's coverage of the Games seemed unsure of itself - almost like, what are we supposed to show without there being Skating?

4) Why do skiing events get delayed because of snow?

5) Can anyone really tell the difference in the Moguls competition? I'm amazed that the competitors go so fast over the Moguls - but I can't see any real difference in the competition. Shouldn't it just be a speed competition?

6) Do you think Apollo Ohno likes hearing people call him Chunky?

7) Why is Holland so dominant in Speed Skating - but virtually non-existent in Short Track?

8) Is anybody else disappointed that Al Michaels has taken over for Jim Lampley?

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