Friday, February 26, 2010

Black Out

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

A week after Mt. St. Mary's promoted a whiteout in its home game versus Central Connecticut, the power went out at Knott Arena causing a black out just before the tipoff of a contest between two of the hottest teams in the NEC. The campus-wide power failure led to a 23-minute delay, but ultimately it was the Flash's 4-game win streak that was wiped out - as the Mount moved to 500 with its ninth straight win.

It was another good win for the Mount. Certainly not of epic proportions - not like a top win in school history or anything - but a very good win against a team the Mount may see in NEC playoff action again on Thursday.

Not only did the Mount win, but Long Island which entered Thursday's play in a third place tie with the Mount fell and the Mount grabbed sole possession of third place. The regular season finale against Robert Morris comes your way Saturday at 4 in the ARCC.

A Mount win and a Quinnipiac win over Fairleigh Dickinson would give QU the #1 seed - put Robert Morris second and the Mount third. In that scenario either Fairleigh Dickinson or LIU would claim the last home playoff spot. And actually a Mount loss could push them into a three-way tie with FDU & Long Island. If that happens the NEC website says the Mount will finish fourth - and play FDU in the first round, Long Island would get the third seed.

Central Connecticut and St. Francis NY play an elimination game in the Devils home gym on Saturday. Depending on the result of that and Monmouth and St. Francis -PA's result determines seeding 6, 7 & 8. All four of those teams. PA can still get to fifth but no higher which would push FDU down to sixth.

So basically from a Mount perspective - what we know is this. The Mount is in. They will have a home game in Round 1. There are still two possible seeds (3rd or 4th) and there are still three possible opponents - St. Francis PA - Fairleigh Dickinson or Monmouth. Monmouth can only be the opponent if the Mount finishes third - but it's not guaranteed that a third place finish will guarantee the Hawks come to Emmitsburg, either FDU or PA could finish there. A fourth place finish means a game with either PA or FDU.

Now onto my thoughts from the game.....

  • Good to see Kelly Beidler get his 1000th point. He's been a consistent player through the years - and he has somehow stayed in the shadows most of the time. But he plays hard at both ends (he did a nice job on Devin Sweetney last night when he got that assignment) and he has been the top rebounder for this team. He tried to get the 1000th in an emphatic way. But his patented left handed dunk attempt overtop Will Felder clanged away. He calmly sank both of the free throws.
  • How bout the play of Jacolby Wells? He is so springy. He really could have a huge impact over the next few years and down the stretch. He is not as polished as Barber offensively, but he finds a way to score inside.
  • Will Holland is absolutely playing the best basketball of his career. He is knocking down everything he sees - hustling as he always does - and ten rebounds last night gave him his first career double-double. 
  • Jeremy Goode didn't have a great game. But he did enough for the Mount and he was rock solid early knocking down a few jumpers when the offense didn't seem to be fully clicking.
  • The Mount defense has gotten better recently. And that is tough to do, because it was very good even when results weren't going its way. But there is more help defense and better rotations coming - and there are times when they appear almost unscorable at this level. 
  • That St. Francis program is headed in the right direction. They play hard and they have some young talent who they can mold into a real good NEC program.
  • Gettysburg grad Ron Johnson, a freshman at St Francis - did not make the trip - and the word is he is concentrating on academics. There was also some talk floating around the building that he was no longer part of the SFPA program. But he is still listed on their roster on the schools website. The 6-8 freshman has played sparingly this season scoring two points in 13 minutes of action over 6 games.

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  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Barber, Wells, Holland
    What we were missing in the beginning of the year.

  2. icepack2:18 PM

    Game ball to Holland. Jackson out with injury.

  3. Richard6:16 PM

    Thanks for the info about Jackson icepack. Do you know what injury it is? I sure hope that we have a loud crowd against the hated RMU. Lately the crowds have been rather lame. Are the students on another break or having exams, anyone know?

  4. I thought there was an electricity in the air last night - a March feel so to speak. But Richard is right the students haven't been the same student section the last few times out.

  5. icepack11:28 PM

    Spring break now till March 7

  6. Richard12:49 AM

    Oh geeze icepack. Spring break right around tourney time is a mistake. I wish they'd hold off until at least the big dance. It is also kind of stupid to call it 'Spring' Break in the midst of all this frigid weather.