Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Asking

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

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Tell me the truth - Do you want to play this Mt. St. Mary's team right now?

Win #7 in a row came in the most profound way at Knott Arena on NEC-TV on Thursday. The Mount pounded Central Connecticut State 85-58 and is now three wins away from a home playoff game in the NEC Tournament.

This Mountaineer team finally has the engine revving on all cylinders. The Offense is efficient and confident and the defense - as has been the case all season - has been suffocating.

Jeremy Goode led the way on Thursday with 26 points - and he got others involved as well. The post players shot it well inside led by Shawn Atupem who scored the first bucket of the game - and had his way inside most of the night. Atupem scored 14 on the night. Raven Barber continued to impress as the freshman is growing up as the season wears on.

The defense did allow Central to shoot 67% or something ridiculous in the first half (and they made some tough shots) but forced 13 turnovers in that opening frame and led 40-35 at the half. Shemik Thompson scored 20 for the Devils in the first half, but Jean Cajou locked him up in the second. In fact, the Mount's defense was absolutely outstanding out of the locker room. CCSU scored five points in the first 13 minutes of the second half. That's 5 for our CCSU readers.

Kelly Beidler, who continues to be a consistent performer, followed up his 22-point Teaneck effort with a solid 14 - and Will Holland again shot it well from the outside - and is closing out his career on a great note.

Also, let's not forget about Pierre Brown. I've been tough on him at times - but in recent weeks I've failed to mention how well he has shot the ball. He doesn't get a lot of minutes - he doesn't get a lot of shots - but he has been making the ones he's getting.

To me, this team looks as good as it has since the tournament run of two years ago. The offense is clicking, the shots are falling, there is a lot of confidence and Jeremy Goode is showing that he is one of the best players to ever wear the blue and white.

The next three weeks are going to be fast and furious. And I have a feeling they are going to be fun as well.

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  1. Richard10:56 AM

    I am going to the RMU-Quinnipiac game Saturday. We will be in disguise as Bobcat fans-wearing QU shirts and all while sitting behind their bench like we would do when the Mount plays at the Sewall. Although QU lost they could still knock RMU off its stoop by winning and then MSM whipping RMU the last game. Anyways...... I ahve to say that I was disappointed with the crowd last night. It was a rather meager crowd despite all the hype about a 'whiteout'. We wore our white last night but only seen the students mostly doing the same. The student section was rather weak and was out of sync with their chants. Although I like SuperFan, I miss the days when we had that Mountaineer who would go to half court then take a slide into the Maniacs section head first, hilarious. I miss Dave Owens the former PA announcer who was much better than the one we have now. I know the guy makes an effort but he just doesn't compare to many I have seen at other venues either. The music needs to change as well, get rid of that heavy metal like Thunder Struck. Bring back Alan Parsons Project- Sirius or even Zombie Nation