Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UCONN at the Half

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

Another day where I was stuck in the house all day. No idea if the Mount tried to make it Jersey today or not. Remember the other year they spent hours stuck on the PA Turnpike, which had another backup today. The weather in these parts is not good. So I've been waiting all day for this game to start. And for my wife to put the chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

I haven't seen this much snow since I was in Syracuse.

But onto the game. I don't think I've ever been this comfortable before a UCONN game. I really gave the Huskies no chance coming in. The Orange hasn't played very well. Way too many turnovers (Ray told you this would happen) and too many dunks allowed. Yet here we sit at halftime with a seven point lead. Is UCONN really that bad? Isn't it great?

The Huskies made a little bit of a push near the end of the half and it's semi-interesting as a result. But this really doesn't have the feel of a game that could go either way.

I'd like to see the tempo increase a bit - and score a bit more in transition - and I'd like to finish them off early in the second half. Letting them linger at the end of the first half had to give them some belief in themselves. Of course maybe whatever that was from Scoop at the end of the half ended all of those good thoughts for the Huskies. I hope so.

I sense a big half coming from Wes - And a win going away. The Orange needs to do a little better in transition - both offensively and defensively - and it should end up as a positive result.

As far as the knew threads are concerned....there aren't that many differences from the old ones. I'm just trying to figure out when Silver became a school color.

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  1. Ray Curren12:26 AM

    I guess I can worry all I want, but unless Louisville shows up with a different team than I saw tonight, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Good Lord, they were bad. Big East may not be all it is cracked up to be (although Bubble Teams everywhere are biting the dust).

    By the way, we'd like to welcome the Mount to 3rd choice in the Road to Dayton with Robert Morris and Quinnipiac #1 and #2, respectively. A Mount-QU semi would be here in Hamden, right?