Friday, February 19, 2010

Tids and Bits

Written for your enjoyment by: Raff

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As fans we are always quick to point blame at the coaching staffs when things go poorly. Yet, we rarely recognize them when things go well. The frustration that came with the Mount's struggles at the beginning of the season led to some fans making comments about them here and elsewhere on the internet - and led to a lot of whispers in and around Knott Arena. (Ok some were louder than whispers). As a fan and the owner of this blog - I tried to keep from letting my frustration put down either the players or the coaches. But I'm sure some of my frustration leaked out in the words I was writing. Therefore, when things are going well I find it appropriate to commend the coaching staff for the job it is doing. In recent years similar teams have failed down the stretch in the same type of situations both in the NEC and beyond. Something kept this team moving forward - and if we pinpoint the coaches when things don't go well - we have to salute them when the victories come. And let's be honest, the coaches always look better when open jump shots go in. But a big kudos to Milan and his staff for keeping this team focused on the task at hand and making for a very enjoyable February (and hopefully March).

A lot has been said here about next year - and frankly I'd like to focus on this year - but there is no doubt that this Mount team will lose three of its key components next year. Jeremy Goode has had the ball in his hands 90% of the time the last four years - so just losing that we'll make for a big adjustment - and Goode is so more than that. However, the biggest loss maybe the ability of Kelly Beidler to rebound. We've talked about the Mount's troubles in that area all season. Scary to imagine what it might be without #4.

But I think that this group that is coming in is the most talked about group since Goode, Beidler, Holland, Cajou and Jackson all came to campus in one big recruiting class. For me my philosphy has always been, recruits are just recruits until they get to campus - then they become players and we find out how good they are now. But I like what I've seen and heard about all these guys. Donte Morales is the type of player that could be special at this level. Justin Burrell has had a fabulous senior season and seems to be a winner. Jeff James is talented and could develop very nicely. As Richard (so elegantly I might add) put it - comparing anyone to Chris Mac before he plays a college game is laughable. It's also unfair. But I think the potential to reload a little bit instead of having to totally rebuild is there.

I got an email from a friend yesterday telling me Shaun White is the Lebron of Snowboarding. Still trying to figure out if that is a good or bad thing.

If you're a soccer fan - note that the US will play its final game on home turf before the Cup this summer at Lincoln Financial Field against Turkey. The second game of the send-off series (the first is with the Czech Republic) is an afternoon game on Saturday May 29th.

The red-hot Bryant Bears come to town on Saturday night. The Mount still has a chance to capture 2nd place in the NEC, but its a small one. If the Mount wins its next three and Quinnipiac loses its next three - the Mount would earn the second seed. Having split the season series - the tiebreaker would come down to record against Robert Morris. The Mount would win that one and the second place nod. Ultimately, we don't think it's going to happen.

The Colonials can rack up their third straight NEC regular season championship with a win over the Braves on Saturday.

I think Syracuse moved back into a 1 seed with the win last night in DC. I think they'll hold onto it by winning three of four down the stretch and making it to at least the Big East semifinals. However, one of those three has to be over 'Nova. A loss to 'Nova and I'll have to re-evaluate. But this is a team that is set up to go deep into the tournament.


  1. Richard3:09 PM

    Hey Raff, Quinnipiac is not the Braves anymore. Remember they had to be politically correct and change to the Bobcats?HaHaHa. Other than the Mount, I actually like Quinnipiac. I will definitely be cheering hard for them against the Moon Township Bullies when we go up there tomorrow. We will go downtown and take the Mt. Washington incline for a small diversion then head to the game. I should get Rutty's autograph since he is a definite pro prospect. Speaking of pro, did you see Corsley Edwards at the game last night? He was interviewed on TV too. He is from Bmore, I wish Milan would tap into the Bmore market a Little-Moore, cuz Bmore boyz can play. By the way, Tony Little finally came up and chatted for the first time since earlier this season. I am beginning to think that I have been to more away games this year than any other Mount fan. I only seen Tony at SFPA and American. In a way, hopefully there are a few more road trips left for us, although I dread that ride back up to CT. I bet that QU arena is a loud joint when it is full for the championship. In a perfect world, someone will upset QU or RMU and the championship will be in Emmitsburg. Either way we will have to tangle with one of them in the semifinals.

  2. I know and Marquette is not the Warriors - and Syracuse is not the Orangemen.

    Does anyone else find it ironic that Richard is telling me to be politically correct?

    I saw Corsley on TV - remember when the Mount beat them in the NEC championship. Great stuff.

    Tony was at Navy as well - the only road game I made it to.

    Speaking of schedules - Penn State wants to start a H/H on the road next year. Get on the horn and pack the ARCC.

  3. Richard6:53 PM

    Yeah thats right, Tony rode with Roy Sigler to the game at Navy. We had to settle for taking a near broken down school bus over from the football stadium to the arena. I have had many adventures in various arenas, as far as getting around or just to my seat. I am a big fan of the Colonial conference and go the CAA tournament at the Richmond Coliseum a good bit but I doubt it this year- hurting too bad. I been either on crutches, walker, cane, or wheelchair for over a year now- and it blows as bad as Mike Rice's ugly rat face. I may yet still have to have another surgery to a nerve in my left leg, cuz my foot is still real numb and painful. And I used to be an athlete- geesh I am perplexed. Penn St. ought to be careful scheduling us for an away game. Didn't we have Va Tech at home awhile back? If so, when was that and the score? Remember Alex Watson, the old version of Beidler? I just seen him the other day in Bmore, he said he was a Foot Locker manager or something. I used to party with him, Mike Tate, Steve Kinney back then at the new(now old) dorms. Kinney used to live behind Memorial Stadium when I used to stop by and see him and his dad a long time ago. as far as the Mount goes Well, I do have to say that this year has gotten frustrating more so than others, especially since I traveled around to so many games, only to see some outlandish play from them. at this point, all i really care about is that we take RMU down, it has gotten as bad as the Steelers-Raves for me. I have truly become a extreme despiser of the city of Pittsburgh within the past 10 yrs. Hey, 1 more thing- Andrew from Colonials Corner took the paddle to me and will not allow me to post unless it is moderated, lmao. They just love to cry when you say anything bad about their dirty playing, low talented thugs.

  4. Richard7:03 PM

    Correction, Watson was working in the law field for Maryland at the Wabash courthouse, some sort liaison for the state. Sorry about that. I must have been thinking about his hoop it up team from Foot Locker, lol.

  5. icepack2:48 PM

    Nice blog, thanks. A word about comparisons - it is indeed obvious one cannot try to compare Burrell with Mac for all the reasons you (and Richard) mentioned. The point, however, of juxtaposing the name Burrell with Mac (and Morales with Beidler) is to point out a little bit of how the coaching staff looks for recruits. As they have a pretty good team, one way to keep it going is to look for role players to 'replace' those who are leaving.